Consent Fest

What is Consent Fest?

Consent Fest is a designated time to recognize the importance of consent, especially during life as a college student. At Consent Fest, there will be over 40 Skidmore clubs promoting consent, as well as three raffles, and several live performances from multiple dance and singing groups on campus. Clubs will have tables and will give out information about consent, contraceptive products, and candy!


Who will be there?

There are over 40 Skidmore clubs participating in Consent Fest. Members of all these clubs will be present as well as other Skidmore students who are ready to celebrate and learn about consent!


When is Consent Fest?

Friday, September 27 from 3-5PM.


Where is Consent Fest?

First floor of case center (aka Spa).


Why should you go to Consent Fest?

Every student should go to consent fest to promote and become more educated about the importance of safe, healthy, and consensual sexual encounters. 


I hope to see you there! 

Xoxo, your fellow Peer Health Educator.