Be Careful, Victoria's Secret

I am going to be honest and admit that I do follow all of the Victoria’s Secret angels on Instagram and fawn over their workout routines and lingerie shoots. I have been wearing Victoria’s Secret bras ever since puberty, due to my Mom’s support of the brand. However, I am no longer sure  if I want to support a brand that is so exclusive towards thin and “female” models.

In a Vogue interview, Ed Razek, the chief marketer of L Brands, said that he does not think the Victoria’s Secret fashion show should include transgender models. For obvious reasons, this did not land well with the transgender community and he received backlash on social media. Now, he has released an apology statement saying the brand “absolutely would cast a transgender model.” This man is being hypocritical and is changing his opinion on transgender models due to the backlash he received. From the start, Razek was not a supporter of transgender models on the runway, but now he suddenly is? It does not add up.

Razek does not want the brand image of Victoria’s Secret to change and include people of the transgender community. With society evolving, it is very important to evolve your brand to become more inclusive. Razek is now saying a transgender model will be cast, simply due to the social pressure of needing to have an inclusive brand.

This backlash Victoria’s Secret is receiving has greatly decreased their quarterly sales, so much so that the CEO Jan Singer, has stepped down. Hopefully, with a new CEO, this brand’s image can be reconstructed into a fantasy that includes all women, because I personally will not be supporting a brand that excludes transgender women. You can do better, Victoria’s Secret.