5 Favorite V-Day Dresses: Nasty Gal Edition

While we don't always love Valentine's Day--let's be serious, Singles Awareness Day isn't always the happiest square on the calendar--we always love an opportunity to dress up. Whether you're hosting a Galentine's Day with your girls or having a hot date with your S.O., you'll want to look the part. Get in the holiday spirit and pick up a V-Day-themed dress! 

Not sure where to shop? Take our advice and turn to Nasty Gal, the one-stop shop for unique and super-cute clothing. All-original Valentine's outfit guaranteed! Check out our five favorites:


Nasty Gal I'm Yours Dress, $88



Make Me Blush Slip Dress, $58



Motel Penny Dress - Tartan Pink, $80