3 Weighted Workouts For Any Level

So its February and most people have seriously lost motivation for their inevitable New Year’s Resolution of getting fit AF. Not to mention the fact that we’re onto week 3 of second semester, just around the time where professors have no mercy and assign homework on homework on papers on homework. Personally, I make time in my schedule to always hit up the gym, it’s a stress reliever and boosts your endorphins, remember the famous words of Elle Woods: “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy…” Here are 3 workouts anyone at any level can do that do not require killing yourself on the cardio equipment:


Full Body Kettlebell:

This full body kettlebell workout targets your arms, abs, and legs! You can use whatever weighted kettlebell you want, or no weight at all if weights are too challenging for you.

Each circuit repeated 3x

-15 goblet squat 

-10/leg single leg deadlift 

-20 pass through lunges 

-15 weighted flute bridges 

-10/arm clean and press

-15/arm single arm rows

-15 tricep overhead 

-8/arm single arm push-ups 

-20 two handed swings 

-10 burpee + row

-20/side windmills 

-20 weighted crunches


Burpee and Strength Training:

Burpees are an amazing full-body exercise. You start standing up, place your hands on the ground and jump your feet back into a push-up. Jump your feet back up to your hands, stand up and jump. If dropping into a push-up is not for you, jumping back into a plank then jumping your feet to your hands is perfectly fine!

Repeat 2x 

-10 competition burpees

-10/leg single leg squat 

-10 half burpee with heel click

-10/arm single arm row 10 oblique burpees

-10/leg lunge back, knee up  10 half burpee, 180 degree hop

-10 single leg glute bridge 

-10 triceps push-up burpees

-20 leg raises

-10 half deadlift, down to burpee + 4 knee tucks

-10 single arm rows

-10 pike push-up burpees

-10 single leg squat 

-10 weighted half burpee and step up 

-10/leg lunge back, knee up 

-10 star burpees 10 single leg glute bridges 

-10 commando plank burpee + tuck jump 20 leg lifts


High Intensity Interval Training Cardio and Abs:

Hight intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to burn fat and get your heart rate up in a different way from just training on the elliptical or treadmill. The first part of this workout is 50 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest per move, followed by part 2 which has a specific number of reps to complete.

Part 1: 50:10, 2x

-Burpee + 4 mountain climbers 

-10 high knees + 2 squat jumps 

-Burpee into side plank 

-3 side shuffles + 3 jump lunges 

-Tricep push-up into kick through 

-Drop kick into airplane 

Part 2:

-20 v-ups

-10 per side, side plank hip raise

-15 in and out abs

-20 per let scissor kicks

-20 around the world abs 

Complete both parts twice!


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