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Your New Fashion Statement: Platform Shoes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SJSU chapter.

Shoes have always been a defining fashion statement piece.

With the recent trend of platform shoes, everyone is shopping to purchase their own pair!

Finding the right pair of shoes can be challenging, especially for those who place emphasis on fashion. In this article, I have compiled a list of online stores that- in my opinion- sell the best platform shoes.

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is a California-based brand launched in 2011. The online store is well-known for its unique shoes- specifically their platform shoes. If you are on the hunt for some platform boots, I would refer to Dolls Kill’s Pink & Black Ignite Platform Boots, Dark Drop A Heart Platform Boots, and Ruin My Life Platform Ankle Boots

However, do not dismiss the brand as merely a one-trick pony. The brand is also known to own some fashionable sneakers, namely Pink/Red Qozmo Bondage Heart Platform Sneakers and Just Desserts Platform Sneakers

YRU Shoes

YRU Shoes, another California-based shoe brand, is prominently known for their platform sneakers. Shoes like QOZMO – SKY SKY, QOZMO – NIGHT SKY, and QOZMO CHECKER – WHITE/BLACK solidify their high status in the platform sneaker market. 

Moreover, YRU Shoes is recognized as a brand consisting of eccentric shoes including QOZMO ICE CREAM – PINK/MULTI, GOOSEBERRY – PINK, and QLOUD ULTRA – BLACK. If you are looking to be the talk of the town, owning a pair of YRU Shoes is the way to go. 

T.U.K. Footwear

Perhaps you are someone who doesn’t prefer excessively high platforms. If that is the case, I highly recommend T.U.K. Footwear. The online store embodies the word stylish, selling shoes such as Cherry Gingham Mondo Creeper, Mustard Faux Suede D-Ring Interlace Viva High Creeper, and Thomas E X T.U.K. Boot

If you favor high platforms, I strongly suggest investing in Black Brush Off Chained Stratocreeper, Leopard Fabric Classic Stratocreeper, and Purple Suede Classic Stratocreeper

Demonia Cult

Demonia Cult, based in Southern California, is one of my personal favorite online shoe stores to shop at. Demonia Cult is home to the cutest pink platform shoes. Some prime examples of this statement are their renowned, DAMNED-105POISON-99-2, and STACK-301

Pink isn’t their only noteworthy shoe color. The brand also shines in its collection of black and red shoes. CAMEL-300, DEMON-11, KERA-303, and CAMEL-55 are some of my personal favorites. Combine the two colors together, and the end result is just as amazing: CHARADE-110

Bonus: Spooky Season

With Halloween right around the corner, you will want to embellish your wardrobe with some uncanny, fun shoes to enhance your spooky outfits. YRU Shoes provide classic Halloween patterns like pumpkins and bats in DUNE JACKOLANTERN – ORANGE and LABYRINTH BAT – BLACK/WHITE. On the flip side, Dolls Kill encompasses chilling shoes such as Scream Queen Traitor Boots and Clown Antics Platform Boots

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Hey everyone! I'm Annabella, a second-year majoring in English - Creative Writing. My favorite types of articles to write are pop culture/entertainment and advice columns. Some of my favorite pieces are "Exploring My Favorite Female-Written Memoirs," "Tim Burton: The Unconventional Filmmaker," and "Unpacking The Misrepresentation of the Latinx Community in Films."