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What’s In My Backpack? Meet the E-Board Series: Kelly Biondo

Meet our Social Media Director, Kelly Biondo, who candidly gave us a peek into her backpack.


What Did We Do Before Amazon?

Kelly pulls out her backpack and says, “Amazon. Well, technically it’s by Miggo, but I got it off of Amazon. It’s very reliable. If you open it up, there’s my laptop, my light of my life. My Netflix homie G. I’m gonna get new stickers on it very soon, but this one is from the club fair. I don’t do the Simmons radio, but I liked their design.” For the record, I tuned into The Shark while I was writing this. You can listen here. “Then I have the Vineyard Vines whale. I don’t wear Vineyard Vines, it’s just cute. And then I have a Simmons College sticker, because that’s where I go! Also, two HC stickers. Because they were free.”


HC Simmons Loves Staples!

“I have a really cute folder from Staples. Staples is great. In here, is all the stuff I need for all my classes and my internship. It’s really not that exciting, I promise. I wish it was.”


All the Essentials

I have my little pencil case, it says ‘Essentials.’ I got it from Blick, and inside are, let’s see: pens, pencils, old stickers I need to clean out, highlighters, chapstick and a tampon. All the essentials.


Changing It Up

“Here’s my notebook. This year I’m doing a new style, I’ve never done it before, where I go with a five subject notebook. It’s working really well, it’s better than getting separate ones. I also have a notebook that I use for my internship. It has all my meeting notes, passwords, project planning, stuff like that.”


Odds and Ends

“Here’s a fun one: a Starbucks straw…it’s only been in here a day, don’t worry. Let’s see what else is in here: chapstick, tissues, oh! Lactose pills. #LactoseIntoleranceAwareness.”


Kelly’s Chamber of Secrets?

“I’m afraid to look in this pocket, but I will just for you… nope we’re not looking in there. It’s an open container of petroleum jelly. It’s gross, I haven’t looked in there in a long time. That’s kinda just how my life is going right now.”


Kelly is a third year PR/Marketing and Communications major here at Simmons. To read some of her articles, click here!


Senior Editor at Her Campus Simmons
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