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Jenna Eastman

Anticipated major
International Relations and Spanish
Singing, tennis, skiing, and fashion
What are you most excited for about coming to Simmons/ college in general?
Getting to live in Boston and meeting all the amazing people at Simmons 
I would never go to class wearing…. 
Mickey Mouse overalls
Red Sox Hat or Celtics Jersey?
Red Sox Hat
Words to live by 
Be the change you want to see in the world- Ghandi

Alexandra Hakim is a sophomore at Simmons College where she is majoring in Communications specifically Public Relations and Marketing. Growing up in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, Alexandra wanted a change of scenery and moved to Boston. She became such a fan of the city that she decided to stay for the summer and intern for a local event planner. At Simmons, Alexandra is a member of the Public Relations Student Society. When she is not busy with school, she loves venturing around Boston with friends, frozen yogurt, sailing, and watching Hugh Grant movies. Alexandra is ecstatic about the opportunity to bring Her Campus to Simmons College.
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