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How to Pull Off a Vacation With Your Partner

Planning a trip with your S.O. can sound daunting or even scary, but if it’s done right you can have an awesome time and make lasting memories with them. Whether your trip is somewhere warm or cold, or even just a staycation, here’s how to make the most of it:


1.Save your money!

It can be tempting to go on lots of fun dates or go out to dinner with your partner a lot, but if you’re planning a trip you need to make sure you save money first! You’ll be thankful in the long run that you didn’t make that Chipotle trip that one time.

2. Plan it early and make sure you both love the location

It should be obvious that planning a trip early has a lot of benefits- cheaper flights and hotel, and peace of mind as well! You won’t have to worry about places being booked up or activities being full. You should also make sure you and your partner both love the location you’re going to and have a budget and activities in mind.

3. Look for deals

Another obvious one- you can do way more with your time if you make the most of your budget! Look for groupons or free shuttles to the places you want to go, trust me you’ll thank me later!

4. Make sure you both get to do what you want

Before you plan, each of you should make a list of your dream activities to do there so that you can both get what you want out of the trip! If you’ve both been there before it’s a good idea to get a mix of things you’ve already done and things neither of you have yet!

5. Plan your itinerary early

This one is for the planners out there- set an itinerary early! This will help you make the most of your trip because you can see the empty spaces in your travel plans and fill them with activities or relaxing by the pool/beach/hot tub. Make sure you plan for enough sleep every night, if you’re tired you won’t enjoy the trip as much.

6. Know each other’s travel styles

Everyone has a different idea of travel- some of us are planners who like to have their whole trip mapped out, and some of us are last-minute spontaneous vacationers. Some people like to embrace the tourist lifestyle and go to the obvious popular destinations, but others like to explore the nitty-gritty aspects of a place and get to know the culture of the people who live there. Both ways of traveling are great in their own ways, but make sure you and your partner talk about your expectations and travel styles before you leave! If you have different styles make sure you’re both getting what you want out of the trip.

7. If you’re going with a group make sure you get some alone time too

It can be hard to find alone time with your S.O. during group trips, but make sure you have some time to yourselves. You can go to dinner together one night or even pick a day that’s just for you! Your travel buddies will understand!

8. Get plenty of pictures

Your friends and family expect them, maybe even demand them, and they’re just a great way to remember your trip! Make sure you take plenty of pictures together and that you both like how they come out!

9. Make sure you give yourself time to relax…

It can be tempting when you’re going to a new place to try to fit everything possible into your itinerary, but you should also make sure you have some downtime! Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or just in your hotel room, it’s important to slow down every once in a while so that you have the energy for your next excursion!

10. …But also make the most of the time you have

It can also be tempting to relax the whole time, but if you go to a cool new place and just spend the whole time on the beach, you’re not really experiencing the location! Everywhere you go there are interesting things to do or culture to learn and you both should make sure you’re making the most of things.

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