5 Quirky Date Ideas for Spicing Up Your Valentine's Day

If you’ve been with your S.O. for more than one Valentine’s day, or just aren’t a fan of the normal Valentine’s routine (expensive dinner at a crowded restaurant, why bother?), you might be in need of some ideas to spice up your V day this year. Below I've listed some fun, inexpensive and quirky date ideas:


1. Volunteer together!

There are so many great charities to support on Valentine’s day. Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean there aren’t people (or animals!) in need, so why not spend your Valentine’s Day giving back? If you don’t already know of a charity or cause you want to support this year, sites like VolunteerMatch are a great place to start.


2. Stay home and build a fort

If you’re not a fan of crowds, it can be kind of intimidating to go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. So why not stay home, make a nice home cooked meal and build a fort together? It will be a great bonding activity with your S.O. and bring back the fun from your childhood too. Not to mention it’s ~free~.


3. Celebrate on a different day

Going out on Valentine’s Day means making a reservation at a restaurant weeks in advance and being surrounded by crowds. The benefits to celebrating on a different day are endless, but to name a few- you’ll have your pick of where and when you eat, save some money and (most importantly) the candy is on sale.


4. Make a scrapbook together!

Celebrate the amazing memories you’ve made with your S.O. by making a scrapbook together! Print out pictures and bring out any souvenirs or memories that can fit, and while you’re at it reflect on the favorite things you’ve done together!


5. Have a Valentine's Day TV binge

After a dinner in or a dinner out, settle in on the couch for a binge of your favorite Valentines Day TV shows or movies!