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Now that you’re off for a bit, make the most of it!  Here’s your go-to guide for what to pack and what to do during Thanksgiving break:

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It’s in the name, right?  Thanks-giving. In all seriousness, take this time to say thank you to everyone you are grateful for. In addition to that, express your gratitude for the opportunities you have and for the beauty you are surrounded by. Being grateful helps me slow down the frenzy of life in times of stress. So say thank you, write down what you’re grateful for, and continue this ritual beyond Thanksgiving break!

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The Best Food Ever

Speaking of gratitude, I think we can all agree that Thanksgiving offers us a wonderful chance to enjoy some yummy food. So indulge in old favorites and consider creating a new treat! YouTube has lots of fun videos with creative inspiration if you’re looking for ideas.

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Time with Loved Ones

Use Thanksgiving break to reconnect with old friends and to spend time with your family.Do I sound like your horoscope yet?  

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Take it easy! This is the time to take care of yourself before the hectic end of the semester rolls around. Go for a walk, de-clutter your room (or your backpack), listen to calming music, pet your pet alpaca, make some tea, try mindfulness exercises, or start a journal. This is YOUR time for you.

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Now that you’re feeling rejuvenated, get out all syllabi and your planner and make a one-thing-at-a-time-type-of schedule for the rest of the semester, so that you can unburden yourself of the stress of how you’ll fit it all in.  

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Comfy Clothes

Pack them, wear them, enjoy them, because why not?

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Holiday Preparations

This could mean decorating, shopping, watching some “seasonal” movies, or volunteering your time to help others.

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Happy breaking!

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