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e-NABLE The Future: Giving The World A “Helping Hand”


Enabling The Future is a non-for profit organization that is connected to the 3D printing prosthetic community.  Here on campus Joseph K. Fairley has started a Siena College chapter of e-NABLE and the chapter is currently composed of 15 student volunteers. Globally, e-NABLE is a community of 4,658 members! The Siena Chapter is currently matched to making prosthetics for two individuals, one 4-year-old boy from Ohio and a 38-year-old man from New Orleans. The group has just been approved to hand deliver the prosthetic to the 4-year-old boy in Ohio!



The cost of the prosthetics being made range from  $30 to $40 and e-NABLE donates them for free to people in need.  Siena’s own Joseph K. Fairley was entitled University Coordinator for Enabling the Future and has created guidelines for chapters across college campuses worldwide. This is huge considering e-NABLE all started with just two strangers; a prop maker from USA and a carpenter from South Africa. What has started out as just two guys from miles away, making a difference, has turned into a huge community that is making a difference and lending a “helping hand”.


The Science department here at Siena has had one 3D printer the “Ultimaker ^2” and has just received a second 3D printer named “Printrbot Simple”.  An average print takes between 4 to 8 hours long and ENABLE has been able to use the 3D printers to create hands for individuals in need.  They currently have two different designs for the hand, the Raptor Hand and the Cyborg Beast Hand. The hand being designed for the 4-year-old boy will be Iron Man themed!


About the founder:

Name: Joseph K. Fairley

Nickname: Joe

Major: Physics

Year: Senior

How did you hear about e-NABLE and get started?

“I was researching prosthetic companies online with my dad and we happened to stumble upon Enabling The Future. Later I had realized that the science department had a 3D printer and contacted Dr.Weatherwax about using it and starting up a chapter on campus.”

When did e-NABLE The Future start?

“This year! We started e-NABLE in the beginning of March. “

Dream Job? 

“Research and Design of prosthetic devices and to become a Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist (CPO). “

How does the 3D Printer work?

“Think of a normal printer that prints out ink on a piece of paper, now instead of ink we are using melted down plastic and instead of paper we are using a heated plate of glass. Then the actual process, the plastic that comes in a spool it gets put up into a heated nozzle and is laid out on the printing bed layer by layer until the 3D part is made as it prints it cools layer by layer a solidifies so that you come out with a finished part that is durable and stable. “


If you want to learn more about e-NABLE please check out the following sources!

Main Website: http://enablesiena.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENABLESIENACOLLEGE

Twitter: @ENABLESiena





Born and raised in White Plains, New York. Nicolette is currently a student at Siena College, she is in her Junior year and she is majoring in Finance and minoring in entrepreneurship.
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