10 Things Guys Think About Dating In College

To date or not to date? That’s the daunting question roaming college campuses today. I interviewed four college guys on what they think about dating in college. Preposterous? - I think not! Here’s what they had to say.

1. What’s your cheesiest pick-up line?

Cuffed Freshman: You can call me the Titanic because I’m gonna break the ice.

Single Sophomore I: I really don't use pick up lines. I find them very cheesy and weird.

Single Sophomore II: Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see.

Single Junior: I’m sorry to bother you but I saw you from the across the room and I just had to say something. And then, you call them beautiful.

2. Describe your perfect date?

Cuffed Freshman: Fancy restaurant. I pay. A nice walk on the beach then we watch the sunset.

Single Sophomore I: A hike somewhere, like camping. Somewhere far away from civilization.

Single Sophomore II: We go out to eat, get baby-back ribs, then go see a movie, get ice cream and then hang out by a fire.

Single Junior: Moonlit boat ride into the city. Nice dinner. Roam around and talk for a while in the city. And then I like to bring them to a rooftop bar with a nice scenic view.

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3. Thoughts on a girl asking you out first?

Cuffed Freshman: I don't mind, but as long as I feel the same way.

Single Sophomore I: I don't really have a problem with it honestly. It’s easier for us. I don’t have a problem with it at all.

Single Sophomore II: No. I mean it depends like, I wouldn't say no, but I feel like it’s not the way its suppose to happen. Traditionally, the guy is supposed to ask you out first.

Single Junior: I don't mind. It’s bold. Confident, makes the job a little easier.

4. Thoughts on online dating?

Cuffed Freshman: Nooo!

Single Sophomore I: I don’t think I’d ever date someone online. Maybe hook up in Tinder, but I’d rather meet the person hand on hand.

Single Sophomore II: H*** noooo.

Single Junior: F*** no. Nothing good ever comes from it.

5. What is the most awkward thing that has happened to you on a date?

Cuffed Freshman: I went in for a kiss and she turned away. 

Single Sophomore I: I forgot my date’s prom ticket. And it took a lot to get us in. That’s definitely the most embarrassing thing.

Single Sophomore II: At the place we always go to get ribs, I sneezed and smacked a cup of sprite all over my date. 

Single Junior: My first kiss ever. We went out to eat and things got hot and heavy, conversation wise, I close my eyes and lean in for the kiss and miss her mouth completely. Then I started laughing.

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6. What’s the most important quality you look for in a girl?

Cuffed Freshman: Honesty and trust.

Single Sophomore I: Fun and outgoing. Like it sounds corny but I’m a bit of a personality person. Personality attracts good looks. I don't know how to explain it, that’s attractive.

Single Sophomore II: Honesty.

Single Junior: Funny as well as understanding. She can be as beautiful as can be but if she's like a stale cracker I don't want her.

7. Is there anything holding you back from dating in college?

Cuffed Freshman: No. Literally nothing. I asked a girl out within three days of being here.

Single Sophomore I: I would say time management. I play a sport and worry about homework and sleep. I’m big on academics and athletics. If I don't think it’d be a perfect match I wouldn't date them.

Single Sophomore II: Time.

Single Junior: Yeah, just my career plans.    

8. Do you think it’s hard to find someone at Siena?

Cuffed Freshman: No.I'm glad I found my girlfriend at Siena.

Single Sophomore I: Um it’s a slim picking. Trying to find someone you match perfectly with especially because it’s such a small school.

Single Sophomore II: Yes. People aren't here for relationships, they’re here for hookups.

Single Junior: I think it’s just hard to find the perfect girls no matter what. Because if you’re looking for someone, you’re probably not gonna find that ideal person. As for Siena College, yes and no, there’s different takes, it depends how you go about it.

 9. Is it hard to have a real relationship when there's such a huge hookup culture on campus?

Cuffed Freshman: Not really. Me and my girlfriend kinda sway away from that. I just kinda avoid it.

Single Sophomore I: Yes. It’s a bit harder. Especially being a guy. Guys are like, "Let's hook up with girls this weekend." And I don't know if I should live my life or not. But you’re definitely influenced by the people around with a big hookup culture though.

Single Sophomore II: Yes.Yes. No need for explanation.

Single Junior: They say college is for experimentation. Without the culture, you can’t realize who you really are and what you’re looking for in a woman.

 10. Have you ever been in love? Describe it.

Cuffed Freshman: Yes. When you feel the connection you just feel it's right

Single Sophomore I: Yes, in high school. It’s like a really weird feeling. The best way to put it is like addicting. When you find someone, it’s like they run [through] your mind. You wanna hang out with them consistently.

Single Sophomore II: I don't know. Probably not, if it didn't work out.

Single Junior: Yeah once. I knew because I’d do absolutely anything she asked and it didn’t seem like a chore. And I went to go meet her family. Which is something I never do.