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10 New Year’s Resolutions That Never Actually Make It Off Your List

The chance to make New Year’s resolutions comes and goes every year. Yet for some reason we seem to always find ourselves making the same old resolutions. Sure we stick to some of our resolutions, but there’s always that one on the list that we recycle from last year just to see if this will be the year we actually follow through. Now for fun, why don’t we scroll through those pesky resolutions that we know we won’t keep but for some reason we keep adding to the list…


1) This year I’ll stick to that no carbs, no fat, year long body cleanse/diet!

2) No more crazy shopping, it’s all couponing from now on.

3) Less partying, more studying!

4) From now on, HALF of my paycheck will go into my savings account.

5) I will find love this year!

6) This time I’ll actually quit (insert vice here).

7) Time to change the world! I’ll dedicate more time to volunteering.

8) Definitely time to get a better job.

9) This will be the year that I travel around the world.

10) By the end of this year, all my credit cards will be paid off!

Victoria is a junior psychology major with an international studies minor at Siena. She hopes to spend the rest of the her life traveling the world & exploring different cultures. After graduation, she plans to join the Peace Corps (if she gets accepted) so she can live out her life being a humanitarian. When and if she ever returns to the states, she plans to attend graduate school to become a mental health or drug & alcohol counselor.Words to live by: "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - St. AugustineTwitter - @frayraymousInstagram - frayraymous
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