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How Ordering a Shot at a Bar Could Save Your Life


How Ordering a Shot at a Bar Could Save Your Life

As we live in an era that uses platforms such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish as a way of meeting potential dates, it is easier for people to lie about who they are and what they actually want from someone else.

Say you met a guy at the bar because you hit it off pretty well online. You go to your date at the bar and you start to realize this guy is not at all who he said he was. Are you starting to feel uneasy? Is he saying things and suggesting things that don’t sit well with you? Order an Angel Shot.

An Angel shot is not actually a shot of alcohol, more so a plead for help from the bartender. Many bars across the nation have adopted and started hanging signs in women’s restrooms to help them understand the code to get out of a sticky situation.

A “Neat Angel Shot” suggests that your bartender escort you to your car. Maybe the guy you came with drove you, so order the “Angel Shot with Ice” so the bartender can call you a cab, Uber or Lyft ride. If something is highly concerning and you feel threatened and none of the two options before are enough, ask for the “Angel Shot with Lime.” This allows the bartender to call the police.

While there aren’t hard statistics about Tinder and Plenty of Fish raising the occurrence of date rape and assault, there have been some examples of date rape stemming from casually meeting from the dating apps.

These situations cannot be ignored, though. For instance, In January a man from Alabama was arrested for raping a woman he met on Tinder. While it is great that the woman was given justice seeing as though her attacker is now in jail, think about if this situation could have been avoided altogether. She now has to live and cope with the stress and anxiety of being attacked.

The Angel shots are a great strategy to help ensure safety when meeting people off dating and hook up websites. Hopefully, we see a decrease in the number of sexual assaults thanks to the Angel Shots.


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