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Meet the Exec: Lynsey Gray, Small Town Girl with Ambition

This week we bring you an interview with one of our very own members from the Exec team – Lynsey Gray, our Marketing and Publicity Director and Chapter Writer!

Lynsey is a warm and passionate girl with a love for PR and ways to showcase her creativity. She spent the majority of her past summer backpacking Western Europe with her best friend, and holds a strong passion for all things travel and cultural immersion. Excited to learn more? Keeping reading ahead to get to know one of our very best!


Age: 21

Faculty: BA Arts, CMNS major, PUB minor

Hometown: Salmo, BC (West Kootenays)

Social media: IG: @lynseygray Twitter: @lynseyagray Blog: www.lynseygray.ca

Fun fact: I have become really interested in studying Buddhism. I recently bought a “Buddhism for Dummies” book and in my spare time I’ve been studying it for fun. I am not a religious person, but I find it very interesting and would love to travel over to Asia and Indonesia to learn more about it first-hand.


Terri for HC SFU: Okay, let’s get started! How are you liking SFU so far as opposed to your previous school?

Lynsey: Well, this is my third school in three years! I was kind of all over the place because I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with my life. So, I completed my first year of university at UBCO in Kelowna, and had thought that I wanted to major in Cultural Studies. But I had a hard time being away from home, and realized that I was quite unsure of what I wanted to study, so I went to Selkirk College in Castlegar before transferring to SFU! So, I’d say that the biggest difference is that at UBCO, I had a really strong group of friends and a lot of family in Kelowna as well, so it was comfortable. Then, at Selkirk, I was about to live at home and was surrounded by all of my childhood friends and my family, so it was even more comfortable. So, I would say that I am loving SFU now but when I first transferred, it wasn’t quite the case! Going from the West Kootenays, and a town of only 1,200 people, it was definitely difficult to adjust to being in the city and now having the constant company of my friends and family. But now I am absolutely loving it and am really enjoying what I am studying at SFU.  


Terri for HC SFU: You told me that you’re from Salmo, BC! What are the main differences between your hometown and living in Burnaby/Vancouver?

Lynsey: I am! Salmo is a very small town, with a population of only 1,200 and my high school graduating class of only 16. However, contrary to what many people think about small towns, I never felt sheltered, therefore, I didn’t find that moving to the city was as much of a shock. I would definitely say that the biggest difference is getting used to not being constantly surrounded by my friends and family. However, there are also smaller things like the traffic and the weather! It is very different for me and I found it quite difficult to get used to.  

Terri for HC SFU: Well I’m glad you’re fitting in here now! What is the most rewarding part about being a ski instructor? 

Lynsey: Everything about being a ski instructor is rewarding! But I would say that the most rewarding thing is just simply watching them improve, which I know sounds like a typical answer, but it’s true. I teach people from all ages. I have taught 3 year olds and I have taught 65 year olds. So, I think I like seeing the ambition that people have towards learning. It’s never too early or too late to start something new! And it’s really exciting to see them go from hardly being able to stand on the skis to being able to make it to the top of the hill and down without much trouble. I just really enjoy sharing my passion with them!

Terri for HC SFU: How are you liking working with the HC team? Do you enjoy your role?

Lynsey: I love Her Campus. I think it is an amazing organization and I am very excited to be involved. I love how it has given me the opportunity to start writing again and to share my writing with others in a really positive way. I feel like it has really given me more of a voice and made me more confident and empowered. The group itself and its mandate is very motivating and inspiring. In terms of my role as the PR and Marketing director, I feel that it is providing me with great experience for my future career and is allowing me to make some strong and beneficial connections (networking).  


Terri for HC SFU: What kind of work do you see emerging out of your Communication major, as well as your volunteer and experience?

Lynsey: I would love to work in PR. But more specifically, I love working with people and so I think that I could be great in community and media relations. For example, I really respect the Vancouver Canucks and their Canucks for Kids organization, and I think that is a perfect example of why community relations is important and why I would like to work in that field.


Terri for HC SFU: As a Chapter Writer for Her Campus SFU’s Editorial team, what are your favourite aspects of HC SFU, or Her Campus in general? What were your motivations in joining the team?

Lynsey: Like I said before, I love how it has given me a stronger voice and allows me to share my experiences and opinions with others through my writing. What promoted me to join was how passionate the group seemed to be. I am new to SFU and Vancouver and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to meet some new people and share my passions with others who may have similar passions and interests. I also wanted to get back into my writing, and this was the perfect place to do that.


Terri for HC SFU: If you could come up with 3 words that describe your experience with Her Campus SFU and its vision, what would it be?

Lynsey: Empower, unite, learn.


Terri for HC SFU: Favourite mountain to go skiing?

Lynsey: I am a little bit biased, I’ll admit, but honestly, my favorite hill would have to be Salmo Ski Hill. It is a great little hill, has the best night skiing, and such an amazing community feel!


Terri for HC SFU: Last one! All-time favourite celebrity crush?

Lynsey: Britney Spears. Definitely. I have always loved her. But currently, I am actually quite liking Ashton Kutcher who is regarding human trafficking. I think that is amazing and I really respect him for that.


Photos provided by the interviewee

Terri is currently a fourth-year Communication major at Simon Fraser University and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus SFU. Hailing from Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, she has grown to love the outdoors and mountains of BC. Her favourite pastimes are reading historical fiction, hiking, lying on the beach drinking mojitos and attempting to snowboard. You can get to know her more on Instagram and Twitter at @terriling.
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