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5 Types of People You See on Instagram


I’ve always thought Instagram was made so you could post whatever pictures you like on your feed. However, I low-key feel that people will only like your gram when it’s about food or something artistic. When you go on the explore feed, you will always see that people have “themed” Instagram accounts. Of course, it looks super cool to do, but it looks really time consuming to maintain. So, who are these people and why do they have themed Instagrams? Alas, I present to you, the five types of people you will see on Instagram.


The Foodie

Ah yes, the foodie. Their Instagram entirely consists of their every meal and every visit to the restaurant. You can spot them in public as the ones who whip out their phones or their large cameras to get the perfect shot of their food. There is also the extreme case where some of these foodies stand on chairs to get their pictures! On top of that, no one else can eat until they get that perfect angle and lighting. And they always hashtag #foodporn or #foodie in every single post they make.


The Fitness Expert

These are the people that go to the gym and constantly Instagram their selfies in gym attire. Sometimes I wonder if they actually go to the gym to work out… You occasionally get the picture of their “gains” or their progress. Besides the selfies, you can’t forget the detox tea or giant tub of protein powder pictures. But if you’re lucky, some of them do post videos of them actually doing things in the gym. You can also find them giving advice on how to lift, bulk, and shred. Most of their hashtags consist of #gainz, #protein, #lift, and #gymlife.


The Beauty Guru

Have you ever seen those 10-30 second videos of people’s make up routines? Those always look so bomb. The contour is always on point, and some of their eye makeup is amazing. Selfies from the beauty gurus are a must, and don’t forget those flat lays of their Sephora hauls! The occasional beauty guru also gets and gives freebies.


The Fashion Blogger

People who take pictures of their outfits every day are the fashion bloggers. You’ll usually see them looking candid in every single photo. From what I’ve noticed, a majority of their photos are brightened to the max, and the backdrop is always white. Their outfits are always on point, and a lot of them are always attending some local fashion event. You will also see “fashion shoots” from them in collaboration with other fashion bloggers. If you tap on their photos, you’ll see all those tags of where their clothes come from. Their hashtags consist of #ootd, #fashion, #blogger, and #instafamous.

The Pet Lover

As it can’t be any more obvious, their entire feed is dedicated to their pets. I’ve see countless of Instagram accounts made specifically for dogs. They’re super adorable and I love watching the process of these animals growing up. Most of these pet Instagrams have a huge following. I mean, look at Doug the Pug! You’ll never see photos of their owners because the entire instagram is dedicated to the animal. There are always short video clips showing off the pet’s skills and how silly they can be. If you ever pay attention to their captions, they always have some sort of pun in them. They’re frequently used hashtags include #cute, #petstagram, and #instapets.


Of course there are so many other types of people you see on Instagram, but I feel like these are the main types. As someone that enjoys posting on Instagram, I sometimes feel the need to fall into one of these five types of categories. But then again, it takes too much effort to do so. If you’re on instagram, do you think you’re one of these types?

Diane is currently in her third year of Political Science and Communication at SFU. She aspires to work for the United Nations one day. She is a self-proclaimed Justin Bieber fan, and adores french bulldogs. You can find her at @deechieng on Instagram and Twitter!
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