Bad Axe SFA Traditions

School spirit here at Stephen F. Austin State University has never been lacking. Our traditions set us apart from other school and our students know it! From our namesake to the hand sign, SFA is cultivated with so much culture on campus. Here is a list of some of the most popular traditions. I hope you enjoy and learn something about SFA!

Photo by: Megan Carswell

  1. Hand Sign

         Our hand sign is two fingers pointed outwards and our thumb up, resembling the axe. If you face your palm towards you, you can make the outline of Texas!

2. Purple Lights at Steen Hall

         Every time the Lumberjacks or Ladyjacks win during an athletic event the night air illuminates with purple circling lights. This is such a fun notification for   those who were not able to attend the athletic event about the SFA’s victory

3. Homecoming Bonfire

         This is overall one of the most fun events of the fall semester. With live music, vendors, and tons of people, the bonfire is a huge ordeal. You can easily feel connected to SFA by the people around you and the huge bonfire!

4. Battle of Piney Woods

         The football game against our rival, Sam Houston State University, at the NRG Stadium is one of the biggest games of the Lumberjack football season. Tailgating and watching the game is one of the many ways Lumberjack students celebrate and bond.

5. Jack Camp

         Jack Camp is a 3-day extended orientation in the summer before freshman come to SFA, where students can meet, have fun, and learn about SFA student life. At Camp Olympia, you learn songs, play in competitions, be a part of the Austin or Rusk tribe, and become part of the Lumberjack family.

6. Ole Cotton

The SFA ROTC fires off the Ole Cotton cannon every time SFA scores a touchdown at every home football game. The boom from the cannon can be heard all over town!  

7. Ring Dip

         The Ring Dip ceremony signifies one of the last steps of your college career by dipping your hand in purple. It makes for great pictures and a memory that will last forever!

8. The Axe

         The axe or axe handle is the weapon of choice for our mascot, the Lumberjack! The axe handle is given to college students annually at Jack Camp or Holler at Homer. Many students decorate them and bring them to football games, to show their creativity and school spirit.