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McClurg Etiquette

Clurg at noon? Yeah…it sucks and we all know it. Here are some helpful reminders so you can avoid being “that person” (you know who you are, line-cutter). Whatever happened to ladies first? Anyway, listen up because some these definitely apply to you. 

1. Trays. Lunch trays, need I say more?

So obnoxious during prime McClurg hours. And remember: when/if you do have a tray, that there are people behind you, so turn around with caution
2. Line-cutting. Obviously very rude. 

We’re all in a rush, so please be patient. PLEASE.
3. Don’t table-hog. Especially if it’s a large table and you are just a party of one.

They are people that would like to sit with large parties, and this isn’t possible if large tables aren’t available. 

4. Stop wandering. There are people behind you. 

Possibly one of the most angering circumstances. Please do not walk at a glacial pace. 

5. Clean up after yourself. Your mom is not here to do it for you. 

And most of us would like to sit at a clean table while eating our food.

6. Use the designated utensil. For the appropriate spread. NO ONE likes butter and cream cheese in their jelly.

Like who does this?

8. Please have ID ready. 

Like I said before, we are all in rush. 

9. Remember to hold the door when you can. 

Nobody likes having the door slammed on them. 

Okay, let’s be honest, we’ve all been that person at least once, but now with these helpful tidbits we can all avoid being the nuisance. Bon appetit! #eatwellbewell




I'm currently a freshman at Sewanee: The University of the South, I play varsity field hockey and just recently started writing for Her Campus (yay!). I love Pinterest; some would say I'm actually addicted, I can spend hours at a time just pinning. I am a food enthusiast, but I'm not really one for baking or cooking, more like eating--only. Oh and netflix is my best friend.
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