Campus Cutie: Annie Adams C'17

She's sweet, fun, gorgeous, and super smart! Get to know this amazing Sewanee gal! 

Name: Anne Barry Adams

Nicknames: Annie is technically a nickname. Why don’t I have more nicknames? Now seeking nicknames.

Birthday: June 3, 1995

Class: Senior

Greek Organization: TKP

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas. Va Spurs!

Major: English with a Creative Writing Certificate

Relationship status: Ha! Aren’t we all just doing our best?

Extracurricular Activities: Well Directed Curiosity, Writing Center, PRE, Admissions Senior Interviewer

Best Class You’ve taken at Sewanee: Oh, this is hard. I’m in Potter’s Walking the Land class right now, which is amazing. We go on hikes every week and drink apple cider at his house when it’s cold. Any fiction workshop with Kevin Wilson. I also recommend Peters’ Faith and Philosophy in Literature, Prunty’s American Poetry after WWII, and Tam Parker’s Holocaust and Morality.

Signature Pub Order: Chicken strips & tots! Swap honey mustard for ranch, naturally.

Signature Dance Move: I just texted a friend to ask what she thought my signature dance move was and she replied “flailing,” so that’s good. I love to dance despite my complete lack of talent. I do a lot of pointing and (if I’m at Wheat) stomping.

Go-to McClurg Line: I like to mix up all the lines and create a bowl of many things. I think people who say Clurg isn’t good just aren’t trying hard enough!

What qualities do you find most attractive in a guy: Sense of humor, kind, intelligent. No cat. I’m allergic to cats.

Biggest Pet Peeve: Very negligible grammar things like using “less” and “fewer” incorrectly. I work in the writing center, though, so I get to put my peevishness to good use!

Spirit Animal: Dolphin! They have so much fun for no practical reason.

Weird Body Fact: My fourth finger on my right hand is notably crooked because I hold my pencil wrong.

What is the most embarrassing song on your iTunes? I have the entire “Frozen” soundtrack saved on a Spotify playlist for my little cousins. I’m not too embarrassed about it, though.

What is your most embarrassing Sewanee story? Many moments come to mind. I once fell down the entire staircase at High Point in front of a group of my friends’ mothers. Another time, I tripped running to the pub and hit the ground with my face. I had a black eye for a week. Saturday, I spilled a drink on myself in front of Prof. John Reishman and HE apologized.

Favorite Netflix show? Shameless and Chef’s Table, which are very different but both captivating.

Favorite book? Right now, I’m excited about a short story collection called A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin. John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany is my go-to, though.

What are the biggest lessons you've learned during your time at sewanee? This is making me sad. Be nice! Go to class! Eat your vegetables! SPF 15

You just comped this weekend...What is your biggest piece of advice to underclassmen dreading the comp? To study hard, but to be confident! You’ve been preparing for the comp since your first English class at Sewanee. All the review will be worth it when you’re celebrating with your professors at the post-comp department keg party.

Where are you hoping to be after graduation? HA! I’ll be working for the Sewanee Review, so I’ll be here. Please say hi to me even though I’ll be one of those #alumswhoneverleft !

What is the biggest thing on your Sewanee bucket list? I still haven’t streaked the Quad, so who KNOWS if I’ll graduate.