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9 Shoes You’ll Probably Find in a Sewanee Girl’s Closet

Sewanee women have a pretty distinct style… how could we not? Our shoe choices have to agree with snow, frat sludge, 90 degree tailgates, and even mid-afternoon hikes… No wonder we have bins under our beds and racks in our closets, yet still ask our mothers to send us our “winter shoes” every October! There are some quintessentials that seem to come with being a Sewanee girl– We bet you’ll at least have one of these in your closet! 

1. Bean Boots

This is the quintessential Sewanee shoe. Fratsludge, snow, you name it and our bean boots have battled it. Insulated, colorful, traditional brown, tall, short, laces, or slip-on– there’s a style for everyone. Extra points if J. Crew or Smart Wool socks are peaking out of the top. 

2. Jack Rodgers

Nearly everybody is rocking this shoe in August. This shoe is so popular that there are two classifications: Jacks and Frat Jacks.

Usually a staple in the clas dress repetoire, anyone can spot Jacks from a mile away: shiny and colorful, the soles are probably still a pristine beige, and the circle pattern on the heel is intact (probably much to your discomfort…).

Frat Jacks, however, have their stitching rubbed off, are so soft you could use them as a pillow, probably are patched up by some duct tape, and have lost their color under multiple layers of frat sludge… It’s just the circle of life, ladies.

3. Hunter Rain Boots

I have no idea what it is about Hunter’s simplistic rainboots that make them so popular, but, just wait till it starts to drizzle and the Sewanee fog rolls in, they will be everywhere. Hunters have deceivingly little traction, so, just beware before you take them out on slippery frat house floors. 

4. Cowboy Boots 

Chic and Southern, cowboy boots are a tailgate staple. The heel makes your legs look awesome in that sundress, but isn’t totally treacherous for the half-time stumble towards the football stadium. Also, you can easily slip your phone into your cowboy boots if you’re without pockets. 

5. Chacos

Oddly enough, these have become year round shoes… sock-os, anyone? They’re comfy for walking to Clurg or hiking the P-trail. With Chacos, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a toe strap kinda gal or into some psychadellic patterns… Sewanee girls wear their Chaco tans like a badge of honor! 

6. Frye Boots

If you don’t own cowboy boots, you probably own a pair of Fryes. A little more trendy, with a little less twang, Frye boots go with everything, from skinny jeans to dresses. Extra Points if it’s the classic harness style. 

7. Formal Heels

Everyone has a pair of designated “formal” heels. Not because they’re classy or dressy, but because you don’t want to ruin your good heels by wearing them to formals. Red wine, cranberry vodka, frat sludge… it’s a scary world out there. Usually black pumps and the less expensive, the better. 

8. Flats

Forever the versatile, but professional choice– flats always find themselves on Sewanee women’s feet. I also have a feeling we could fund Tory Burch on behalf of the entire Southeast.

9. Clogs

Recently popular, clogs are gaining traction on Sewanee’s campus. I had my doubts at first– are they too mom-ish, too granola?  But who cares, once you feel how comfy clogs are, you’ll be stalking Dansko’s website.

Plus, if Tina Fey rocks them, anyone can rock them… 



Alli Smith is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC. She's majoring in English, with minors in Education and Women's and Gender Studies. She's an avid procrastinator who loves anything on TLC. She's particularly interested in female empowerment and positive sexuality. 
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