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Hey Pirates…it’s your gurl SHUrly here. I’m just like you, living life here on this fine Seton Hall campus in South Orange, NJ. Going to the caf and hating my life, trying to hit up Dunkin when the line doesn’t age me 10 years, and pretending to not be hungover as I walk past Father John on friday mornings. But what sets me a part from you all…I give bomb advice. So, ask me anything. I promise, I can keep a secret and your ish will stay ANON!!! So ask me anything you want, nothing is off limits. If you still don’t trust my skills check out our first couple questions and then you can HMU. Hit the inbox –> https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/76LB75G 

Q: How do I tell my guy friends that I don’t want to go out with them because the ratio hoopla is getting real old???

A: WOW have we not all been in this situation at some point in our young lives? I love my guy friends but girl’s night is ALWAYS important.  This may be blunt, but guys need to make their own friends and stop being a drag to girls.  Gently put them down by telling them you truly value their friendship, but they need to make their own connections at some point…

Q: I think I want to join Greek Life, but whenever I bring it up to my best friend she keeps hating on what I’m saying. I think this experience could benefit the both of us… How do I open her mind to the situation?

A: Let’s be real… there’s no better bond than a drunken one made in a frat basement. The next time you’re out, casually bring up the situation, or try to introduce her to people you think she’ll relate to that are thinking about going Greek.  Try and disprove the common “sorority girl” stereotype, maybe this would change her mind.  Even if this doesn’t sway her opinion, don’t let this hold you back from doing what you want to do.  You don’t have to do everything with your best friend, and this is a perfect opportunity to branch out and meet new people.

Q: How can I tell if my drunk hook up could lead to something more?

A: Valid question! Is this dude hitting your line at midnight?? Is he trying to hit it and quit it?? These are all valid questions that take up the grey area of luuuuv. Rule number 1: DO NOT catch feelings after the first hookup, especially if you just met this person.  You don’t know where their head is at, or what their future intentions are…or where their genitals have been. Keep the relationship shalloooow unless you 100 percent can feel the winds of cuffing szn comin’ in hot… Either way, if homeboy is trying to get it, at least once more, he will indeed hit your cellular in a timely matter.  If not, say swerve and set your sights on a new prospective boiiiii.

Disclaimer: Her Campus and Seton Hall do not endorse underage drinking.

Just a Pirate loving gal here to answer some questions.
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