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9 Tips & Reminders for a Happy Heart and Healthy Head

Your emotional and mental wellbeing are just as important as your physical well-being! Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out why you’re in a bad mood when your day hasn’t really been a bad one. It’s so important to check in with yourself--regularly--and do what you can to improve your mood and your health. Believe me, I know sometimes improving your mindset can be difficult, so here are a few ideas as to how you can help yourself:

1. Remember everyone needs someone sometimes. CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) can be found in Pigott Pavilion for Leadership in suite 120. While workshops are held quarterly, urgent hours are from 10 A.M to 3 P.M Monday-Thursday and at 10 am on Fridays. Students can also schedule regular appointments. CAPS can refer you to off campus resources if you need long term help!

2. HAWC (Health and Wellness Crew) is another great resource for students looking for some outside help. HAWC is made up of student volunteers who have been trained and are now certified peer health educators. You can meet with a HAWC member weekly or as needed. The HAWC office can be found on the third floor of the Student Center in room 380.

3. Call your friends. Call your family. Not just when you’re stressed or having a bad day. Call them just because. Call them to tell them you miss them and wanted to hear their voice. Call them for two minutes on your way to class. It will make their day and brighten yours.

4. Self-care looks different to everyone. Try it all and remember what works for you. Taking time for yourself can make all the difference. Sometimes this means staying in while your friends go out. Sometimes it means going out by yourself, or rounding up all your pals and leaving campus for an hour or two. Self-care means many different things and it’s important you learn what it means for you. Prioritize yourself.

5. Take study breaks! Taking short breaks can help you focus more on your work and even produce better work when you give yourself permission to breathe. The Flora app is a great way to pace yourself while working. The app comes with a few ready set timers, ranging from 25 minutes to an hour and 50 minutes, as well as the option to customize your timer. If you check your phone before the timer is done, you’ll kill the electronic tree you’re growing!

6. Try to make at least one friend in each class. You don’t have to be best friends, but at the very least you’ll have someone to talk to about the class, and if you miss a day, you can text them to ask what you missed!

7. Join a club. Join three clubs. At the beginning of the year, check out every club that sounds even a little interesting. At least one club will interest you enough to stay, and it’s a great and easy way to make friends! And if you can’t find any clubs that fit your passion, create one!

8. Never be ashamed of your passions. Surround yourself with people who share your passions, or at the very least support them.

9. If you meet someone you want to befriend or get to know more, ask for their phone number or Snapchat! Especially at the start of the year, you’re going to connect with people who you may lose track of in the madness that is the beginning the year. Asking for their number will let you get in touch with them later!


Being overwhelmed can too easily turn into stress or anxiety. Everything you’re feeling is normal, and you’re never alone. Talk to your teachers, your RA’s, your friends. Reach out for help if you need it, and be there for your loved ones who need you. Remember you’re never alone at SU, and everyone is happy to help you in any and every way we can!


Alexandra McGrew

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