Spring Break Body Positivity

Spring break is coming up and, as usual, people are worried about their bikini body. Well I've got some news for those people: "bikini bodies" are overrated, or at least the term for them is.

The idea of having a "bikini body" haunts girls leading up to spring break and summer. But I'm here to remind the girls that are terrified of their body that there is no such thing as a "bikini body" and that they're beautiful just the way they are. 

For as long as I can personally remember, a woman wearing a bikini was often the symbol of health and beauty. I remember seeing 100-calorie yogurts with a woman in a bikini on it because that's what people were aiming for when they were eating healthy. But in reality, the "bikini body" has surpassed the general health connotations.

The idea of a "bikini body" is one of the most negative and controlling concepts in our world. Girls feel pressured to look good in these two small pieces of fabric and will often do anything to maintain that look. The concept of the bikini body must be diminished because everyone has a bikini body. If you have a body, and you own a bikini, you have a bikini body. Those typical images of a lean, hairless, barbie-like women do not define what kind of people can wear bikinis. 

Girls--you don't need to change what you look like for anyone. When spring break rolls around, you bettwe put on that bikini and work it because you are gorgeous, and NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise.