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My Favorite Places to Eat in Wilmington, North Carolina

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My parents had just recently moved to Wilmington, North Carolina and I had the opportunity to visit them over fall break. My mom and I spent the weekend trying to find the best places to eat, here’s the list of our favorite places!


Indochine is a Thai and Vietnamese Asian restaurant, and you are lucky if you get a spot! We arrived 15 minutes prior to opening and stood on line out front waiting for them to open. When we got inside, it was a beautifully decorated restaurant that transforms you into another world. For a starter we got the dumplings, and they were delicious. The menu is full of great dishes with varying flavors, everyone would find something they love here. We both got a salmon dish for dinner, and it was cooked perfectly. Even days after leaving we were still talking about how amazing the food was!

Spill Coffee

The second we walked into Spill, we were greeted with pink walls and neon signs. With endless spots to take pictures and amazing coffee, Spill quickly became one of our favorites. Putting a twist on classic coffee flavors by adding ingredients such as Bee Pollen, CBD Oil, Charcoal, Pearl Powder, Vitamin B-12, Collagen, Sun Potion, MCT Oil and many more, you won’t even taste the health benefits added to your morning brew! I loved the pink milk added to my latte and had the chance to take great pictures while I was there!

KoKo Cabana

Right on the Oak Island beach, KoKo Cabana was serving up the summer beach vibes. We had the chance to sit outside overlooking the ocean and had a great view of a beach wedding! With a great selection of seafood and beach themed foods, there was so many options we didn’t know what to order. I got a pesto shrimp bowl that was topped with rice, pineapple salsa, edamame, pickled onions, and sesame seeds. It was a refreshing way to end our night and had a great time walking along the pier after dinner!

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