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The 7 Types of Instagram Girls

Let’s admit- we all love our social media. Instagram is no longer an app…it’s a lifestyle. All girls know the struggle of posting an Instagram worth 100 likes. While we’re all familiar with the “perfect insta” struggle, we differ in what we post and how we post it. Here’s a list of the different kind of Instagram girls the social media world has made us into.

  1. The girl that #MCM her boyfriend every week. Congratulations! You’re in a relationship. But honey, the #MCM post isn’t making up for the drunk fight you had at the bar Saturday night.
  2. The girl that likes all your pictures but wont say hi to you in person. You know where their family vacation was spent in 2009, and their cousin’s boyfriend’s dog’s name, but you act like you don’t know each other when passing them on campus.
  3. The girl that will take several hours to pick a filter. The choice in picking Valencia or LO-FI can be tough. However you end up using the first one you clicked on.
  4. The girl that will text all of her friends to get more likes. You have texted all your friends, even in different group chats, to beg for likes on your picture, to break the eleven mark so that names don’t show anymore.
  5. The girl that will post several pictures a day. You’re excited to be out having fun with your friends so you proceed to take a picture with every person at the party and post it on Instagram. Usually with a caption like “love her!!”
  6. The girl that posts a crazy amount of #hashtags. You have a caption and then two lines of hashtags of everything you could think of about that person or what is in the picture. #sunny #day #fall #leaves
  7. The girl that selfie Sundays- everyday. You post a picture of yourself because you think you look great. You want everyone to see that the filter you chose and the outfit you picked is on point. 
 Molly is a junior at the University of Scranton studying marketing. Some of her favorite ativities are going out with her friends, aoviding to study, and dancing as if she’s on Beyonce back up dancers. She is so excited to be apart of Her Campus Scranton and hopes that it is a major success for Scranton. Follow her on instagram @mollyclarke or twitter @mollelujah
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