RELATIONSHIPS.(Are You Really Ready?)

Hello Beautiful! I hope your week was amazing. I’ve been thinking about a few things and I want to share them with you. Have you met someone that seems like they could be “relationship material.”  Have you been considering starting a new relationship, or maybe even questioning whether or not a relationship is for you? If so, take this journey with me. Today, we’ll be discussing 3 questions to consider when determining whether you’re ready or not.



1.) Do You Know Yourself? 

Think about the type of person you are. Assess your mindset and your core values. What’s the REAL reason you’re considering a relationship? Is it to meet social standards or is it more about support, growth, and companionship? Are you looking for someone to “complete you”, or someone who accepts you completely? Consider the aspects of yourself that need a little more work. We are all flawed. However, we must make sure that we are aware of our deepest insecurities and are working to overcome them. When you become confident in your skin, you’ll attract people who think you are just as amazing as I think you are, because you should know that I KNOW you’re amazing. Besides, a relationship should push you to be your best self, not tear down who you already are.


2.) Are You Over Your Ex?

Did you just get out of a relationship? If so, have you given yourself enough time to grieve? When considering starting a new relationship, you have to make sure you’re completely over your ex. Personally, I have a habit of cutting my exes off completely and never communicating with them again. Although they ALL will now miss out on such a lovely opportunity, this may not be the best way to handle the situation. Make sure to get enough closure as possible when ending any relationship. Although they may not be decent human beings, you shouldn't stoop to their level. Handle the situation maturely and MOVE ON. 


3.) Have You Spent Enough Time Alone?

Use this time to learn more about yourself. Despite what society tells us, you don’t NEED anyone to “make’ you happy. You have to be content with yourself. You have to understand that happiness is not relayed upon two parties, it is restored from within. If you are not happy with yourself, a relationship will not fill that void for you. Make sure you identify the difference between what you NEED and what you WANT. It’s okay to want someone to be there for support, but you have to be strong enough to support yourself when they aren’t around. Remember that you have a life as well. Your life will go on and you WILL succeed with or without them.


So, considering what we just went over, do you think that you’re ready for the challenge? Relationships aren’t easy. However, I hope the person you choose to be with doesn’t add more stress to your life. We have a lot going on as it is. The last thing we need is to feel like we have ANOTHER obligation or responsibility. You should want someone who pushes you to be better and do better, someone who helps relieve your stress rather than add to it, and someone who respects you and your core values. When considering settling down, make sure that your partner is mature enough to understand the roles that each of you will play. A relationship is a team effort. It requires both parties to strive for growth in order to remain successful.