The Power in Speaking Up

Hello Beautiful! How was your week? I hope it was great! If it wasn’t, you’re in luck because we’ll be discussing an interesting topic today. Before we begin, I’d like to mention that I usually get inspiration from feelings, experiences, or events that happen throughout the week. Being that this week was a little more challenging than previous ones, I’d like to share how certain situations challenged my patience, but also provided an opportunity for growth.

Have you ever favored the feelings of others over your own?  Have you ever kept quiet to avoid confrontation or conflict? I have a better question. Have you ever been in a situation where you asked yourself, “Why didn’t I say something?” I feel like we’ve all been there. Although our reasons for staying silent may be different, the power that comes from speaking up can be achieved by all of us. I’ve organized a few key points to think of when determining whether you should say something or not. 


Key Points:

Your Ideas, Thoughts, and Perspectives Are Important

Have you ever refrained from saying an answer out loud when asked a question because you were afraid of being wrong? Have you ever came up with an idea, but didn’t share it because you felt like it wasn’t good enough? I’m here to remind you to never allow anyone to make you feel like what you have to bring to the table isn’t “worthy” of attention. You ARE important and your voice will ALWAYS matter. Don’t give the naysayers control over your life. They don’t matter at all. 


No One Can Read Your Mind

If you want someone to know how you feel, you have to speak up. Whether it’s someone who’s known you for years or someone you just met a week ago, they don’t know you enough to know all of your thoughts and feelings.  However, you know yourself. It’s better to communicate what you want and need. It makes it easier for everyone involved. 


Not Speaking Is Speaking 

Have you ever heard someone say, “when you don’t vote, you’re voting?” Well, when you don’t speak up, your silence can be deemed as approval. For example, when you’re communicating with someone whose comments may be offensive to other cultures, it can be difficult to correct their comments without them taking offense. However, allowing them to speak ignorantly does more harm and creates a bigger issue.  


You're Not the Only One Thinking 

Others may share your thoughts and opinions, but may also be unwilling to speak up. Think about those who have been suffering in silence. Understand that your thoughts and ideas were not given to you to keep for yourself. When granted the opportunity, use those ideas to help others and ultimately make a change in our world.


Because I enjoy sharing, I’d like to share a short story with you. Recently, I was placed in a sticky situation. I like to keep the peace and avoid conflict at all cost. However, this time I had enough. In short, I’d spent days working on a project only to realize that my team members had taken the work I completed out of the presentation. I could’ve kept silent to avoid confrontation, but my character wouldn’t allow it. I  chose to speak up for myself because I knew it was wrong and they had no integrity. I say that to say, never allow your enemies to keep you from speaking up for yourself. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have it in you. Believe in yourself  and your voice because I believe in you. 


Take Care.