Just GO: How to Get Away, Without Getting Away

Hello Beautiful! How was your week? Is there anything new that you’d like to share with me? If not, that’s okay because I always have something to share with you. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? 












I’m sure you’re thinking “wow, those are beautiful places, but I don’t have the time nor the money to make that trip happen right now.” It’s okay, because we’re going to discuss ways of getting away without actually having to “get away.” 


1.Tech Detox -No emails, no phone calls, no social media! You can text them later. 

2. Change the scenery- Find a new place to study, eat, exercise, meditate, etc. Rediscover your hometown. 



3.Experiment in the kitchen- Is there an interesting recipe you've always wanted to try, but never made time for? Do it now. Bake a cake, make a traditional dish, or a weird dish you just came up with. There's no pressure. 

4.Redecorate your living space- You'd be surprised at how much an interior space affects your mood. Don't worry. If you don't feel like painting or moving furniture, buy a picture you love or a few plants. Greenery always helps. 


5. SLEEP- Your body needs rest and your mind does too. Find a cozy spot and rest. This is one of my favorite. Who knows. Maybe your dreams could take you to your favorite place.


That's all for today beautiful. I hope you enjoy your trip! We'll speak again soon.