How to Protect YOUR Energy Because Not Everyone Deserves a Seat at YOUR Table

Hello Beautiful! How are you today? How was your week? Mine was a little hectic. On top of all of the classwork/projects that I have to complete, I’ve been focusing too much on the wrong people and the wrong things. I’m a kind human. I can’t help it. 


Is there anyone that you’ve allowed in your space that didn’t quite meet your expectations? Let’s be honest. They probably didn’t meet them at all. If you’re anything like me, you expect the absolute BEST from people. That’s COMPLETELY normal because you constantly give 150% of yourself. However, you’re too great of a woman to be pulling out a chair for those who don’t deserve a seat. Let them stand while we discuss how to protect our energy.




1.) Let NO ONE Change who you are

Has anyone ever made you feel like everything you’ve said and done is problematic? All of a sudden, your outgoing personality is "too" outgoing, or your introverted nature is “too” introverted. Don’t be sorry for not fitting their reality. Let them choose to leave or stay. You're hoping that they'll come around, but if they don't, that's okay. You have me now. You didn’t need them anyway. 


2.) Drown out the noise (Know that you ARE capable)

Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't be afraid to be proud of what the world thinks are "small" accomplishments. They have no idea of what "BIG" challenges you've faced to get there. The world is so wrapped up in BIG moves, BIG money, BIG cars, BIG phones, BIG houses, and BIG rings. Because everything has become so BIG, you begin to feel small. Don't fall into the hype. I promise that what you did today that felt so small , was something that someone else in the world didn't have the strength to do. Share your "small" accomplishments with the world and give them the middle finger if they tell you it isn't "BIG" enough. Keep your focus. What were you placed on this Earth to do? Who were you placed on this Earth to be? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Let’s work together to figure it out.


3.) Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

Are the people you’re allowing in your space truly rooting for you? Unfortunately, some people won't have a mind as beautiful as yours. Therefore, they'll be intimidated by who you are, how you handle situations, and how you choose to see the world. I know you wish everyone could be as sweet as you, but they won't be. Listen to your instincts.


4.) DO NOT lower your standards

Let me guess. They say that you expect too much when all you asked for was honesty and loyalty? Have they claimed that they were “too busy” to text you back and make you constantly wonder whether or not you are a priority? Leave them be. There are plenty of Kings and Queens left for you to meet. However, don’t waste your time looking for an imaginary or ideal relationship like the ones you see on Instagram or TV. Take some time to write a list of expectations that are realistic and attainable for the people you meet. 


5.)Positive Vibes Only

Okay ladies, we ARE human and we ALL have our bad days, but are the people you're allowing in your space always complaining or spreading negativity? If so, kindly let them go. On the flip side, sometimes we project a negative energy on ourselves. Dismiss those thoughts that allow you to fall into a slump. I'll give you 10 minutes to cry and feel sad. After that, time's up beautiful. Pick your head up. Keep going. Keep glowing. Keep living. Never feel bad for protecting YOUR energy. It's YOURS. 


6.) Understand that you are NEVER “too much.”

Those who think that you are, are simply not enough for you. Never let anyone make you feel like you’re overreacting or overwhelming them when you’re just trying to love them the best way that you know how. 


7.) Be honest when communicating how you feel

Is there someone in your life that you love and care about that hasn't been treating you like a priority? Is it your partner? Is it your friend? Let them know how you feel. We ALL have a "busy" schedule, but I believe that we MAKE time for people we care about. Maybe they don't realize the type of energy they're projecting. I know. It can be extremely difficult to have that conversation, but be kind and give them a chance. Remember that absolutely nothing works without communication. Maybe there's room for improvement. Talk it out and if that doesn't work, take the advice that I've given you thus far and decide what to do next. 



P.S. This is for the woman who willingly gives 150% of herself to everyone she loves and cares about. She dreams of meeting someone who has the ability to love just like her, care just like her, and be loyal just like her. She’s mentally tired when 6 p.m hits because she’s spent the day thinking about what else she could do for the world around her. Yes, she feels like the world sits on her shoulders. The one thing that keeps her going are the little girls (and boys),and the women (and men) who are looking up to her. Are you that woman? Are you that person? If so, keep the chairs at the table pushed in, if the people in your space aren’t worthy enough to be sitting.