Black Women Who Rock at SCAD Atlanta: Meet Myah Jackson

Hi Beautiful! Guess what... I have more exciting news. Today, we'll be talking to the lovely Myah Jackson, Admissions Represenative here at SCAD Atlanta. Follow along as we dive into her life as an Admission Representative, SCAD Alumna, and Founder & Editor of The Zeal Life !


                                                                               Photo Courtesy of Myah Jackson 


Serica: Hi Myah! Thank you so much for meeting with me. Let’s jump right into our first question. What drew you to work for SCAD? 


Myah: So, as mentioned, I am an Alumna of SCAD. I graduated in 2016 with a degree in writing. During my time here, I was very involved. I was a student ambassador, membership coordinator for the writing program, and a student representative. I gave tours and was very involved with the summer program, so I kind of flourished in the Admissions department. Once I graduated, I was still writing for my online publication, but I love SCAD so much. I wanted to stay connected. I applied to be an Admissions Representative and I’ve been doing this for almost 2 years now. 


Serica: That's exciting!  What do you love most about your job? 


Myah: What’s really cool about being an Admission Representative here is that you have the opportunity to connect with so many creatives who are unsure about what they want to do or where they want to go. I have the opportunity to sit with these students, get to know them, direct them, and show them what we have to offer. I get to speak about my experiences as an Alumna, but I also get to share the stories of several other Alumni. It’s a great opportunity to help people and give them direction in their creative abilities. When you’re coming from high school, transferring, or pursuing a Master's, it’s definitely a crossroads when you’re trying to figure out what’s best for you. We get to work as little therapists in a sense. We get to speak encouraging words to students. I also have the opportunity to oversee the student representatives here who give the tours, so that in itself is really exciting for me. I get to serve as a mentor to the current students here at SCAD.


Serica: Great! What are some of your aspirations you would like to achieve outside of your duties as a faculty member?


Myah: Great question… So, I have an online publication. It’s called The Zeal Life. The goal of it is to help others find their purpose through their creative abilities. So, anything that I do with my online publication, from my writing, editorial, or opinion pieces, I want to raise social awareness in some area or aspect and help people to stand closer in who they are. I feel like I do that especially at SCAD so it’s all very interconnected. Ultimately, I’d love to run The Zeal Life full time, hone in on my own purpose, give back, and help other creatives.

                                                                                 Photo Courtesy of Myah Jackson 


Serica: Amazing… What are some of your goals that you would like to achieve while at SCAD?


Myah: Oh! *takes a deep breath. Since I’ve come here, I’ve grown so much with being able to take on the students and lead them. I’ve also made some amazing connections and been able to meet some great people. I’ve gotten to host President Wallace and meet the Vice President. Honestly, I just want to continue to grow. I don’t really know exactly what that looks like. I’m a very “go with the flow,” “try not to stress it too much,” type of person. So, trusting the process and where I am and continuing to grow my network here is really important to me. I get to meet you and a lot of other amazing people at the school that I love.

                                                                                Photo Courtesy of SCAD 


Serica: *smiles. How do you see SCAD evolving over the next few years? 


Myah: Man.. so SCAD … especially being a school that is rooted in the South, has definitely made a name for itself throughout the South and beyond, which doesn’t happen that often. I think in the years to come, they’ll continue to be an institution/ university that continues to defy the odds of digital media, interior design, writing, etc. No matter what it is, SCAD is always up on the latest in the industry. I know they’ll continue to grow throughout all industries and creative aspects. Years from now, I can see it being the university for students who want to do anything creative, no matter where they are in the world. 


Serica: I agree… What is one piece of advice you would give to students at SCAD? 


Myah: Well, I would say, continue to be open to collaborate and meet new people. That’s the best part about being a SCAD student. You have the opportunity to meet so many people. It’s a collaborative university and you don’t get that in a lot of schools. I consider myself an introvert and I know a lot of creatives are like that. *laughs. So, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone and go out to collaborate with different majors. I would say do it all. Try to take another class and work on building yourself while you have the resources. There are so many resources here. Make and juice as much as you can while you’re here. Meet new people, take new classes, and take whatever opportunities your professors have for you. You never know what can come from that. 


Serica: Mhm.. How would your 10 year old self react to what you do? 


Myah:*laughs. I love that question. Awww.. I think she’d be very proud and surprised too because at 10, you don’t know what you want to do. I probably went through a million things of what I wanted to do at 10. I didn’t figure out what I wanted to do until I was 15 years old, which is still pretty young, but yea, I think she’d be proud. I think I’m doing pretty well…. *smiles I like that question.


Serica: *laughs What’s the career highlight you’re most proud of? 


Myah: Oooh that’s hard… So if I’m speaking in terms of my SCAD career, I would say it was when I was asked to host President Wallace. That was a big deal for me, because she’s made such an impact and worked hard to build this from ground up. To see how it’s grown in such a short span of time is amazing. I wouldn’t have a degree or career if it wasn’t for her. Being able to have that connection with her and host her in her own home, was such an honor and a highlight of my career here at SCAD. 


Serica: Wow… What is your definition of success? 


Myah: My definition of success would have to be first, knowing who you are, which is a journey in itself. I think that’s really important for all of us. Whatever that looks like for you. It’s going to be different for everyone on how they discover who they are. Not allowing society or the measurements of the world to dictate who you are and what success looks like is vital. It’s not about where you work, how much you’re making, or what you do. Success is internal and we should define that for ourselves. There’s no one way to look at success. 


Serica:*smiles.. you’re so amazing … I’m excited..


Myah: *smiles & laughs thank you.. 


Serica: Okay. Here’s the last question. If you could do anything besides what you’re doing now, what would you do?


Myah: I would be running my online publication full time. I would love to do something with SCAD to some degree as well, but The Zeal Life would be full time. As long as I’m able to work with creatives and help people, I’m fine. I just love helping people find their purpose. I would be doing The Zeal Life full time, writing, continuing to produce creatively, and doing what I’m doing now. 


Serica: So, that was our last question.. Is there anything else you would like to add?


Myah: *smiles awww.. no I’m just so thankful that you reached out to me. This was such a great opportunity. I think it’s come full circle that I was a student and I heard about HerCampus. When you reached out to me, I was so excited. I really do appreciate it. 


Serica: Yes, I really enjoyed you. 


As we wrapped up the interview, Myah and I continued to laugh and discuss our personal journeys. I enjoyed getting to know Myah and hearing her story. She has such a warm spirit. Here are a few key points that I've taken away from our interview: 
  • Stay involved/ take advantage of the resources provided at SCAD.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, collaborate, and meet new people 
  • Don't allow society or the measurements of the world to dictate who you are and what success looks like. 
  • Success is INTERNAL. Know who YOU are. 
  • Share your light
  • Don't stress it, go with the flow... 
  • Everything will come full circle


To Myah, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. I really enjoyed you. Continue to share your light with the world. We'll talk again soon!