How to Survive Your Freshman Year at Bona’s on a Budget

1. Don’t use all your Bona Bucks the first week.

You don’t want to have to whip out your debit card at the RC and we all know those RC wraps are better than the Hickey.

2. Stay away from shopping online.

It’s easy to wander online during your free time but limit yourself to shopping for new clothes during your trips home.

3. Don’t buy unnecessary things on your Wal-Mart trips.

We’ve all been there: Your friends are going to Wal-Mart and you tag along claiming you won’t buy much. Make a list before you go to keep yourself from buying too many things you really don’t need.

4. Shop around for textbooks.

Sometimes you can find them cheapest from the campus bookstore, but most times Amazon, Chegg and are a more affordable choice.

5. Try to get a job on campus.

It’s best to look for jobs at the beginning of the semester, so get your résumé out there.

6. If you choose to drink, limit the amount of money you spend on alcohol each month.

It can add up very quickly if you’re not careful.

7. Sell your textbooks at the end of the semester if you didn’t rent them.

Whether it’s to other students at Bona’s or to websites online, it’s a good way to get some of the fortune you spent on them back.

8. Don’t go overboard at the bookstore.

It’s always tempting to buy that cute new sweatshirt they just put out but you have 4 years to collect apparel. Wait until your parents come down and maybe you’ll get lucky enough for them to get you something.

9. Try downloading a budget app to see exactly what your spending money on.

A couple good ones are 'Mint' and 'Left to Spend,' both available in the App Store.

10. DON’T get a credit card.

You already have student loan debt to pay back so don’t add credit card debt to the mix too. 


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