Campus Cutie: David Bryant

David Bryant is a sophomore at St. Bonaventure University. He is from Staten Island but currently lives in Utica, New York. David loves to sing and his favorite Broadway musical is Wicked. David is also the new manager of the men’s Division I swim team.

Her Campus: “What is your major?”

David Bryant: “I am a double major in journalism and mass communication and English and I LOVE it!”

HC: “What is your favorite part about St. Bonaventure?”

DB: “I would have to say the community. I think we have such a profound sense of community here and it really makes everyone feel like their unique personalities and qualities are exactly what is needed at this university. Bonaventure does a great job of instilling that in the students and making sure we all realize how crucial we are to the success of our university.”

HC: “If you could change one thing about St. Bonaventure, what would it be?”

DB: “Unfortunately it is not going to be in our time here at Bonaventure, but I would really like to see all the buildings here be renovated. We have the Swan Business Center, The Quick Center, and Rob/Fal but I want to see every building on campus at that same level-especially Devereux, Francis and Doyle. The campus is beautiful now, but once the buildings are renovated, St. Bonaventure will be an even better place to be.”

HC: “What is it like being in Student Government Association?"

DB: “It is awesome. I love being able to sit, biweekly, in a meeting with my peers and other student leaders on campus and actually discuss—mostly administrative—issues that are brought up by the students and find solutions for them. I love that it is all completely student-based and I get to be a voice for my class.”

HC: “What is one of the more challenging aspects of Student Government Association?”

DB: “Upholding all the responsibilities of an SGA member and presenting myself in an appropriate manner at all times because I am a representative of SGA and my class no matter what time of the day it might be.”

HC: “What are your plans for after college?”

DB: “I would really like to go to grad school to get a Master’s degree and potentially a Ph.D. in African American Studies.”

Image credit: Courtesy of Dan DiOrio, '18