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14 Annoying Things You Probably Heard at Thanksgiving Dinner

Every one of us college students knows that there are certain questions that are bound to be asked at the Thanksgiving dinner table. We all know that our family members mean well when they ask us about school, and we appreciate their concern. However, some topics, such as majors and career paths, can get a little touchy for some students, especially if they are individuals who are easily stressed out.

1. “What’s your major?”

Especially if you’re undeclared, be prepared for questions about why you’re undeclared and what you’re going to do in the future.

2. “Have you met anyone?”

Personally, I’m just trying to make friends and pass my classes right now so…

3. “How are your grades?”

They’re ok… thanks…

4. “How are your classes?”

They’re ok.

5. “Are you staying out of trouble?”

Yes, I promise you I am staying out of trouble. I have fun, but I avoid trouble.

6. “How’s the food at school?”

I think every Bonnie is going to have a different answer for this particular question.

7.  “What happened with class registration?”

As an underclassman, I got the last pick but I did pretty well over all…

8. “What have you been up to in your free time?”

Well, I think most of us Bonnies have been going to the basketball games…

9. “Do you know what you want to major in?”

This is more for those of us who are undeclared. I’m a first-semester freshman. Give me a break!

10. “Do you know what you want to pursue?”


11. “Why don’t you major in this?”

These suggestions are with good intentions, but majors can be a touchy subject for some people.

12. “What’s a Bonnie?”

If you’re a freshman, you probably remember the instructions we were given at orientation…

13. “Where is St. Bonaventure?”

South of Buffalo.

14. “Doesn’t it just snow from November on?”

Well, it’s the end of November and all we’ve had is flurries, so if it does, it hasn’t started yet.


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