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From New York To South Bend: Campus Cutie Lucia O’Quinn


Name: Lucia O’Quinn

Year: 2020

Major: Biology/Pre-Med/Psychology/Pre-Law (clearly undecided)

Hometown: Manhattan, New York



Favorite bagel place: “Murray’s Bagels in Greenwich Village. They’re amazing and their smoked salmon is to die for. I freaking love smoked salmon. I’m also really weird and put a lot of cream cheese on my bagels. I’m always eating bagels from the dining hall, but they don’t begin to compare the New York bagels. I also like chicken wings in case someone would like to send me a gift. My address is 1822 McCandless Hall.”


Big city or small town? “Whenever I was in New York, I always thought I wanted to be in a small town. But now that I’m here, I bored as heck and small towns suck. No offense. I just miss home. So definitely big city.”



Movies or TV? “I don’t have Netflix, but my roommate does and now all I watch is TV on her account. I’m in love with Gossip Girl (which I finished within a month of being here) and Burn Notice (which I’ve almost completely burned through).”


Favorite outfit to wear to class: “My Boston University sweatpants (because Jack Eichel went there and I love Jack Eichel) and my dad’s oversized Notre Dame sweatshirt with the Golden Dome on it. And my Adidas slides with fuzzy socks.”



Coffee or tea? “I love Starbucks and coffee because it gets me ready for the day, but tea is life. I freaking love bubble tea. My friends and I drove half an hour to go get me bubble tea at this hibachi place and it was really crappy. I still drank three of them that night. No shame.”


Fave workout routine: “Either running on the treadmill (although I hate running) or 7-Minute Home Ab Workout (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reQNxaFhcBo&app=desktop) from Rapid Fat Loss for Moms on YouTube. The lady’s British, so her voice is very soothing and encouraging. Also, The Kim Kardashian Butt Workout (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PWXNz2rSR0&app=desktop) from the same lady.”



Interesting factoid: “Follow @justluthings on Twitter. My friends and I control the account and post stupid stuff I’ve either said or done. It’s great for a day when you just need a good laugh.”

Grace Kelly

Saint Mary's '20

Grace is a senior at Saint Mary's College pursuing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. She's a Kansas native and Hoosier transplant nine months out of the year and when not doing homework, writing for HC or her blog (www.agraceintheworld.com), you can find her binge-watching Netflix or Hulu, dancing like nobody's watching, cheering on the Fighting Irish, napping, or hanging out with family and friends.  
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