Simple Ways to De-stress in Times of Distress

Let’s face it, no matter how much we love our major and the college life, there are certain points where the work load and trying to become a functioning adult just piles up. Especially during midterms and finals week, the workload sometimes becomes just too much to handle. When the work load keeps on piling up, we sit there in distress and try to make an organized schedule, which may or may not solve the problem. We then sit there, question our life choice of becoming our desired major and end up getting nothing accomplished. This cycle is vicious and sometimes feels like it’s never ending. 


But, there is a light at the end of the school work tunnel. When the schoolwork feels inevitable and like the world is about to end, there are ways to destress and remain confident in yourself and school, while the school work is piling up. We sometimes forget the simple things that can help calm us down during midterms and finals. Managing and balancing the school with your own sanity is the best way to be successful during the week. Here are the best and simple ways to destress with distressed about school. 


1. Take a break. 

A hard concept to grasp and try, but taking a break from the craziness of work is sometimes the best way to cope with the workload. By just stepping away from books and computers, it can relax our mind before it nearly explodes. Being a science major myself, when I find the work piling up and I start to freak out, stepping away for an hour is the best way to let my mind be free. A break is sometimes the best way to retain the information that was just studied because it allows time for our mind to absorb the information. 


2. Spa Night 

When stressed, our skin is affected due to the increase in stress hormones. We get more pimples and other marks that don’t normally come up when we are relaxed. Sometimes, a simple spa night is the best way to relieve and de-stress at the end of a long day. Whether this means putting on pore strips or a nice face mask, it can decrease the acne that might have appeared during that time. 


3. Watch a Movie 

Everyone has their favorite movie that they can watch over and over again. When studying for hours straight, a good laugh is needed. With watching a movie and essentially being in another world for two hours, it serves as a huge help to relaxing. 


4. Breathe 

Simple, but so effective. During times in the library when the work is over loading and panic starts to rise, we forget how to breathe. Yes, we are still breathing but we don’t have that deep breath to just calm ourselves. By just breathing, it calms our mind and brings us back to a calm state. 


5. Catch Up with Your Friends 

We are sometimes so caught up with work and trying to get our life together that our friends may not be the top priority. But, at the end of the day, we all need our friends, especially while living on a college campus where we are surrounded by them daily. Friends, and family of course, are our best support system and social outlet. By talking with them daily and being a part of their lives and vice versa, it is the best way to get advice from the people who care about you most. 


Midterm week is by far one of the worst weeks in college, next to finals week of course. But, this doesn’t mean we can’t manage our stress and have time for ourselves in the meantime.