An Open Letter To My College Roomie

Dear College Roomie,

Our time is quickly approaching. In less than nine months, we will have to move back home. As much as I’d love to think about what I’m going to do the rest of my life…let’s rewind a bit. Shall we? 

Flashback to freshman year: immature and afraid, but also ready to rage. I moved everything I ever owned into this closet they called a “triple.” My first two weeks in this prison had me feelin’ some type of way. Although my new roomies and I did not get along as well as I had dreamed, I knew my roomie soulmate was out there somewhere. And so I carried on, watching my roommate dreams fade away (along with my motivation to keep off the freshman 15).

It wasn’t until a lanky, blonde girl basically attacked me in front of my dorm that I could see a glimpse of my dreams once again. You got right in my face and asked me to move in to your open double. You were obnoxious, funny, and outgoing...everything I needed in a roommate. I had met my match.

My suspicions were confirmed when I returned from Thanksgiving break to find you patiently waiting for my return with a bottle of wine and a chalice with the word “PIMP” bedazzled on the front. It was then that I knew you were indeed my roomie soulmate. 

As the end of freshman year came to a close, you and I had to make the decision on whether or not we wanted to carry our legacy to sophomore year. It became clear after one year that I had shared a room with the craziest people I have ever met, but it also became clear that you were one of the best people I had ever met. 

As we see graduation in our near future, I would like to thank you for helping me get this far. College Roomie, thank you for...

  1. Always telling it like it is, especially when I don't want to hear it.
  2. Listening to my stories, even when I take five hours to tell them.
  3. Always forcing me to get to the gym, even though we usually make it to the dining hall instead.
  4. Putting up with my crazy mood swings.
  5. Being my ride or die.
  6. Creeping on people for me.
  7. Letting me wear everything you own.
  8. Forcing  me to get my sh*t together the morning after a night out.
  9. Letting me cry to you, even when it makes you uncomfortable.
  10. Being not only my roommate, but my best friend for life.


It’s going to be tough not living together anymore, but I guarantee we will find ourselves together again soon enough. I will always have your back. You’ve already earned your spot as a future bridesmaid, unless we live together forever. I may have doubted staying at this school from time to time, but you always convinced me to stay. I'm so lucky to have met you, roomie.



Your ride or die