Meet our Campus Cutie of the week, Joseph Massaro!

Meet our Campus Cutie of the week, Joseph Massaro!



20 years old, Sophomore

Relationship Status:



Communications in Broadcasting


Kappa Sigma Fraternity and Club Lacrosse Team


What are your favorite foods?

Growing up my Dad owned a pizzeria that was known for having the best Buffalo wings on Long Island. So, my favorite foods would have to be pizza and Buffalo wings.


What is your favorite subject so far in college?

My favorite subject would have to be Media Production because I love learning about film production and seeing the true art of capturing the perfect shot.


What are your plans for after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to branch out into the broadcasting field and trying to gain experience. After that, hopefully I can land a job as a television broadcaster on a major network. I also want to take a backpacking trip through Europe before I start working.


What is the best place you’ve ever traveled?

The best placed I have ever traveled was Italy, where I went with 26 of my family members. We started from the top of Italy and made our way to the bottom. This trip was truly complete when I met over 100 of my family members there.


Top few things on your bucket list

Traveling to Greece, Going to Tomorrowland, and seeing Billy Joel live in concert


What is your dream profession?

To either be a big time anchor of a top rated news channel or a famous actor.


Who is your favorite music artist?

My favorite music artist is Frank Sinatra.


Who is your role model:

My father is my role model; he is always leading me in the right direction and seems to always have the right advice. He is a well-respected man with a great heart and comes up with the best ideas. He always keeps me safe and helps me work towards being better in whatever I do.


What are your favorite sports/hobbies?

I love playing lacrosse and football. I feel that I always need to be active, because if I am not I get bored. When I am home I love hanging out with friends and family. My family is huge and is always there for me.

What are your favorite books?

One of my favorite books ever is Fahrenheit 451.


What’s one thing you want people to know about you?

That I am a very friendly guy, who is hard working, and has good values. I like putting others before myself and I look to help anyone in need. I have learned that it is important to get to know the people around you because everyone has something good to offer and you can always learn from others.