How to Pamper Yourself Post-Finals

After the madness that is finals passes, you may feel like you've been left in shambles. Here are some ways you can de-stress post exams so you're ready to show up to all those high school reunion parties glowing this winter break!


Stop and breathe. Take a moment for yourself to look back and feel proud of all that you have accomplished in the past week (and look forward to a relaxing and fun BREAK).

Take a hot bath

I am a firm believer that there is no better way in this world to pamper yourself than with a hot bubble bath. While I used to opt for the pretty (and notorious) bath bombs from lush, I recently began choosing to use the brand's bubble bars. These bars provide all the color and fragrance of bath bombs, while supplying loads of bubbles (plus it can last for up to a few uses!!). All bubble bars are available in stores and online from Lush for about $10.

Face masks 

If you're anything like me, stress breakouts are a brutal reality. As if the piles of work couldn't get worse, your bodies throws breakouts from it all into the mix. The best type of mask to use for these situations is a high quality clearing mask. My personal favorite is the Supermud mask from GlamGlow, which visibly cleans your pores while it works and leaves your skin feeling pore-less and clean.

(pro tip: if the $69 price tag seems too much, you can get a lot of use out of the $24 “glam to go” size)

Do some light reading

I probably sound insane suggesting more reading, since that's practically all you've done for the past week. However, a simple poetry book (that you know you won't have to write a paper on) is a good way to wind down after doing aggressive amounts of reading. Not to mention you get to take vsco pictures of all the #relatable quotes you find while doing some winter break soul searching. One of my personal favorites pictured above is the book “I Wrote This For You” by Iain S. Thomas, which can be found on amazon for about $10.


Heading home for the holidays after finals week is the best feeling in the world.  Take this time to de-stress before heading back to school for round two!