Campus Celebrity: Faye Kenajian

Campus Celebrity: Faye Kenajian

Year: Sophomore (Class of 2018)

Hometown: Cranford, NJ

Major: Communications with a concentration in Journalism

What activities are you involved in at school?

I am a member and Think Pink Chairperson of the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha at Sacred Heart.


Which activity in Zeta would you say is your favorite?

I would say our philanthropy events are my favorite. My position as Think Pink Chairperson entails raising awareness about breast cancer education.


What have you been doing this semester to raise awareness for Breast Cancer on campus?

On October 14th this year, we held a vigil and a yogurt eating contest that was a huge success! The vigil was held at the chapel and all of the fraternities and sororities came out to show their support. Once everyone was there, we illuminated the quad with candles and the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha educated the participants with facts about breast cancer awareness. One of our sisters, Jenna DiBlanda, shared an optimistic story about a personal experience with breast cancer. Breast cancer affects us all, but by continuing to raise awareness and fundraising, we are helping to bring an end to cancer. After this, we all blew out our candles and headed to 63's patio for the yogurt eating contest! Why yogurt? Well, when you redeem Yoplait yogurts lids, it supports breast cancer research. We have this contest to collect and redeem as many lids as possible! It is also a great way to have fun and raise money for our cause. When everyone was there, they were having a blast competing against each other. Smiles filled the patio that night and it was a huge success. The brothers of Kappa Sigma Fraternity were the champions. As a sorority, we have also been handing out ribbons to our peers to spread awareness. We have also been teaming up with our sponsors, Making Strides by volunteering at local breast cancer walks.

 Fraternity boys chugging yogurt in ZTA’s competition

ZTA’s philanthropy shirts, designed by Faye

How has your position as Philanthropy Chair changed your perception of philanthropies?

Now I see how much work goes into these events, and how much my sisters are willing to help support this cause. Our specific philanthropy affects so many people, something that was completely prevalent at the walk. Talking to breast cancer survivors really brought my perception of philanthropies to a whole new level. At the walk, I saw how much positivity arises through our philanthropic efforts.


Now that you were a leader of this major event for your sorority, do you see yourself taking on any other leadership positions? 

I would love to take another leadership position because, even though it is hard work, knowing you are bringing about change and knowing you could possibly save someone’s life is an amazing feeling. I could not have done any of this without the help of my sisters in Zeta Tau Alpha and it showed me how much we are all really there for each other.

Think Pink!