Beanie Season

Fashion will always come and go, but one unique trend that stands out this fall is the latest beanie trend.  Now that it is getting cooler outside, this trend is not only advantageous for the chillier weather, but looks good as well. Beanies can also cover up a bad hair day. The best type of beanie to purchase is a simple one, just so that it can match with any outfit. You definitely don’t want to revolve your whole outfit just around a piece that you’re wearing on your head. 

Positioning a beanie to look good on your head can seem like a mystery. Here are some tips. The best way to keep your feminine look is to wear your hair down, still showing, under the beanie, with the beanie covering a little bit of your forehead.  It doesn’t look too attractive on a girl if your hair is tucked underneath your beanie or if it’s in a ponytail not visible from the front.  You can wear it like this with either straight or wavy hair. Ashley Benson rocks the beanie trend in this photo!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Another cool beanie style is to wear the beanie sideways, for example if there are words on the beanie, the words show up on the side of your head.  It looks like this:

One more cool way to wear a beanie is a little bit further back on your head, making it so that the beanie isn’t covering your forehead in any way.  Get the look from actress Rachel Bilson: 

Some of the most fashionable beanies that are out right now are from designer Brian Litchenberg, which can be found online here:

There are also the beanies from clothing company Dimepiece. Click the link below to check them out!

If you are looking for a simpler beanie that doesn’t have words on it and is just a solid color, you can find it here: