14 Reasons Why Kendall Jenner Is The Best Member of The Kardashian/Jenner Family

1.      She wears affordable clothing and doesn’t go too over the top. 



2.      She’s not afraid to wear the same things out more than once




3.      She’s humble enough to drive a Toyota Prius




4.      Not only did she walk for Givenchy in Paris Fashion Week….


5.      But her brother-in-law Kanye West was there to support her….




6.      And she supports him right back



7.      And the owner of Givenchy sent her bags of customized clothing



8.      She wanted a low-key sweet sixteen



9.      She takes selfies with fans



10.  She gives good advice!



11.  She’s mature enough to know the important things in life

12.  She gives her own mother (much-needed) reality checks


13.  And the messages she sends to the public are so sweet



14.  Last but not least, her selfie game is so strong!