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12 Things That Happen When Fetty Wap Comes On

1. You immediatley think, "YES. THIS IS MY SONG."

2. Which is followed by you and your girlfriends screaming “1738" at the top of your lungs.

3. Which, in turn, is trailed by a loud “679.”

4. And then you wonder where all these numbers came from...

5. But you break out in dance regardless.

6. #TwerkMode

7. And you begin to wish you were someone’s Trap Queen, in the kitchen cooking pies with your baby.

8. You immediately become a master at pick up lines.


9. And not to mention a rap God...


10. When the song ends it’s stuck in your head for the rest of the day, leaving you in constant drop-it-low mode.


11. And sometimes you're forced to patiently wait until Fetty's return (maybe he's still at the mall, getting fly with his baby?).


12. Until next time, Fetty Wap


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Victoria Caputo

Sacred Heart

Victoria Caputo is a junior at Sacred Heart University. She is an English Major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Graphic Design studying as a graduate student in the Elementary Education program. She is a co-chair of Relay for Life, the founder and President of To Write Love on Her Arms, and the newly appointed Treasurer of SHU's Her Campus Chapter!
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