The Tattoos of Sacramento State: Issue No. 4

This week, we're back with another issue of The Tattoos of Sacramento State. If you're unfamiliar with our series, The Tattoos of Sacramento State was created to feature students with tattoos and their stories attached to it. Tattoos are a beautiful way to express our interests, a time in our lives that was important to us, our culture or just our love for certain designs. With its recent growth in popularity, the stigma seems to be shifting and we tend to see more tattoos on students nowadays. The students here at Sacramento State sure do have style when it comes to ink, see for yourself!

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Christopher Hieb, 32, Marketing Major

Hieb started working on his sleeve dedicated to his time in the army when he was 23.

“That’s an Abrams tank, which was the tank I was on when I was in the army. There’s a Blackhawk helicopter, and what you see right here is the city walls of Minowa, which is the ancient city that Mazul now is, that’s where I was in Iraq when I was there. I also have my dedication to the guys we lost in Iraq,” Hieb said.

Chad Hill, 21, Kinesiology Major

Hill started working on his sleeve when he was 18 at Never Lost Tattoo at Exotic Body by Steve-O.

“The tattoo on my chest is the same one my dad has, it’s been in our family for generations, which is a Celtic Knot [not pictured] and then basically everything else was just the tattoo artist. I just had him fit it around that, so everything else doesn’t have much meaning, it’s just the one on my chest,” Hill said. The Celtic Knot means that everything goes in a full circle; You always live on and come back around. 

Jordan Wolfe, 37, English Major

Wolfe started getting tattoos at the age of 18 and has gone to multiple parlors over the years.

“I saw a lot of people getting boomboxes at the time and so I thought jukeboxes were cooler. My parents raised me on the oldies, vinyl, all that kind of stuff so I saved it from a basement, that's why there are cracks in it. I put a little Frankenstein skull in there cuz I didn’t have any Frankenstein related skull tattoos yet, and that was my favorite horror movie as a kid,” Wolfe said.

Gabriel Gutierrez, 18, Criminal Justice Major

Gutierrez got this tattoo of a rosary when he was 18.  

“I’m religious but it’s not really anything else,” Gutierrez said.

Jeremiah Williams, 25, Psychology Major

Williams was 20 when he got the Beast Wars symbol done at a shop which isn’t there anymore.

“This is a symbol from an off-shoot of Transformers, you know the Autobot symbol, this is like the Autobot symbol of that show. My family grew up watching that show together, so I have a lot of nostalgia for that show, so I felt like it would be a cool memento to it. And all the characters on the show have the symbol on their body somewhere so it’s just like being one of them,” Williams said.