Modern Poets to Read

April is National Poetry Month and this year you should celebrate by picking up a book and letting yourself get lost in the words. These poets are some of the most popular modern poets of 2019 and their published work can make you feel any emotion. From sensual to wanting to curl up under your sheets and cry for the next 24 hours, poems are incredibly powerful.

So go to your nearest bookstore, pick up a copy of one of these poets’ books and let yourself feel all of those emotions that may inspire you to write some of your own poetry.  

Michael Faudet

Photo Courtesy of Her Campus

His words are sensual and mysterious, they leave you longing for more yet satisfied. He writes about lost loves, heartbreak and memories of past sexual encounters. There are speculations that Faudet isn’t a real person as there are no photos of him on social media or google, but fans believe his longtime partner and fellow writer Lang Leav uses Faudet as a pseudonym.

Lang Leav

Photo Credits Youth SG

Leav has been publishing her work since 2014, and in 2017 she published her first novel. Her writing is very romantic and erotic, leaving you with a yearning desire to love and be loved. Leav knows how to use her words to evoke emotions and share her feelings so thoroughly through her work.

Iain S. Thomas

Photo Credits Short Story Day Africa

Thomas uses photography to accompany his work and the results will leave you speechless. His work revolves around human connection and everyone can relate to it which is a sign of a good poet. His debut book “I Wrote This for You” was a phenomenon and his recently published book “Every Word You Cannot Say” has also taken the literary world by storm.

R.H. Sin

Photo Credit Samantha King Holmes

Sin has been publishing his work since 2015 and has already published 18 books full of his work. His most notable piece of work is “Whiskey, Words & A Shovel” which was published in three parts. Sin writes a lot about the female body and how women should love and accept themselves.

Rupi Kaur

Photo Credits Rupi Kaur

Kaur is currently one of the most popular modern poets; with her words of pain, growth, love and acceptance it’s easy to see why she is so beloved. Her voice covers so many topics, from assault to relationships with your mother. It shows you how much she has been through.

Amanda Lovelace

Photo Credits Amazon

Lovelace was announced as Goodreads Poet of the Year in 2018 with her book “The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One.” This book is a part of her Women Are Some Kind of Magic series which also includes her award-winning novel “The Princess Saves Herself in This One” and her newest book “The Mermaid Voice Returns in This One.” This series is meant to show the lives of women while also voicing their “hidden everyday struggles.”

Madisen Kuhn

Photo Credits Etsy

Kuhn was a big poet on Instagram for years and published her first book “Eighteen Years” back in 2015. Kuhn’s writings speak to your soul, describing heartache, depression and self-growth. Kuhn is open with her struggle of mental illnesses within her novels and on her Instagram. She is a true inspiration.


Photo Credits Vancouver Sun

Atticus is another Instagram poet who got published. It has become a trend because talent can come from anywhere and everywhere, but what makes Atticus different is his refusal to show his face. Atticus’ first book, “Love Her Wild,” was on the New York Times Bestseller list, and inspired many dedicated fans to get the line from the book “love her, but leave her wild” tattooed on them. It says a lot about a poet when someone decides to engrave their words on their body forever.

Take your time to read these poems, let yourself feel everything. They make you feel and remember that words are more than marks on a piece of paper.