Iconic Malcolm in the Middle Moments

I just finished binge watching Malcolm in the Middle, and I have to say it is one of the most iconic shows ever. To recap why this show was so amazing, here is a list of GIFs and screencaps from the show.

When they ruined the family reunion to defend their mother.


And then when Reese was a “Godless Heathen”

Photos Courtesy of Twitter

When Dewey and his babysitter danced to an iconic ABBA song

When Dewey asked an important question

Photo Courtesy of Buzzfeed

When Malcolm b*tched just the right amount

Photo Courtesy: Buzzfeed

When Malcolm found his not-so-true talent

When Hal made a grave mistake

When Dewey rocked a purse better than I ever could

When Dewey was a “creepy hobo” hanging out in the crawl space

The tigers can’t eat you if you name them

When baby Jamie could “throw” things

“Dude, you hit a cripple”

Francis’ words of wisdom on everyone’s favorite spooky holiday

When Aunt Helen died

When Lois ruined porn for her sons forever

How Reese checks his growth progress

When Hal told the soccer team that their opponents hate Christmas

When Dewey had beef with a child-eating gnome

Just about any scene with Hal