3 Ways to Destress Before Finals Week

Finals week is approaching and we all are in panic mode trying to study and pass our exams. Although studying for hours may help us do well, it’s also important that we take a moment and destress for a bit, even if that may be just a couple of minutes.

If you need ideas on how to destress, here are three ways in which you can do so!

  1. 1. Do some yoga

    Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and get your blood flowing! As students, our muscles are tense and we don’t even realize how suffocating it can be sometimes. Doing yoga can actually relieve the tension that you’ve been holding onto and make your body feel so much lighter. There are tons of yoga tutorials online these days such as this one, so choose a video and take a quick break from studying! I personally love doing yoga because it helps to relieve all the tension in my muscles that build up throughout the day. Yoga also comes with breathing exercises so you’ll also be able to relax faster. With yoga, you usually breathe in through your nose and out your mouth and that helps to control the way you breathe. This helps to steady the heart rate making it easier to relax which is one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much.

  2. 2. Listen to your favorite music and close your eyes 

    This may seem like a weird way to destress but sometimes it really works! When you feel like you have too much on your plate and need a getaway, put those earphones on and turn up the volume. It may even feel as if you’re at a concert and that can bring feelings of happiness and excitement which can help to override all that stress from studying. If you need a playlist to get you started, click here!

  3. 3. Take a nap

    Naps are always a college student’s best friend. If you’re tired and stressed from studying and looking over notes, then it’s time to rest up. Let your body get what it needs first and then you can go back to studying which can be more efficient in the long run. It's said that sleep can help you retain information better anyway. Whether it be a fifteen-minute or two-hour long nap, make sure you get the rest you need so that you can get back on track!

Time is going by fast and so are the days we have left before finals. Don’t forget to find ways to help you cope with stress. Sometimes it may be as simple as talking to a friend or doing what is listed above. I hope these three ways are able to help you destress before finals week and I wish you all luck on your finals!