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The Zodiac Guide to Holiday Gifting

The holiday season is finally upon us! Whether you’re a fan of this time of year or not, you can’t deny that this is the season of giving and gifting. Shopping for holiday gifts can be so fun when you know what to get that special someone, but it can seem really daunting when you’re not sure what to get. Maybe the person you’re shopping for is being especially coy about what they’d like to receive, or they’re the kind of person who already has everything. My favorite solution for this problem is to let the stars be your guide and consult their zodiac sign. Now obviously, a person’s sun sign doesn’t define them, but it can serve as a nudge in the right direction and spark some inspiration!

Aries always have their finger on the pulse of what’s trendy. They love adventure and trying new things, which means that they have about a thousand new ideas of fun things to do, daily. The best way to show your appreciation for your Aries friend is to get them something related to a hobby that they love, or better yet, one that they want to get into. If you have a little extra to spend, you could gift them a camera – Aries signs are super engaging and have a lot to share, so they’d be great at making videos!

For a budget-friendly option, cater to a hobby of theirs that’s a little less pricey. For example, if your Aries friend has mentioned that they want to start working out in 2019, get them set up with a new yoga mat, or a trendy water bottle (bonus points if it’s shiny!). Or if you know that they want to start traveling, or have a fun trip coming up, pick up a travel guide for them!\

Taurus signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, which means that your Taurus friend probably has great taste and enjoys the finer things in life, like art, fashion, and jewelry. If you’re looking to spend a little extra on your Taurus friend, consider getting them a trip to a spa, or splurge on something they’ve been eyeing, like jewelry, a bag, or even a fashion piece that they’d love to style.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, though! Taurus signs also love the little things that appeal to the senses. For a budget-friendly option, give your Taurus friend a gift basket with a bottle of wine (or gourmet hot chocolate) and something sweet to indulge their taste buds. Alternatively, you could give them a vinyl of their favorite album, or a cookbook of their favorite cuisine.

Geminis are social butterflies and often have multiple interests and hobbies. Similar to Aries, they tend to have a bunch of different ideas that lead them to be a little bit all-over-the-place, and maybe even a bit forgetful. A great idea for a Gemini would be a cute, high-quality planner or journal that will inspire them to keep their thoughts in order and help them find peace in their busy lifestyles. Geminis are also super trendy and love making a statement with their wardrobes. If you can afford to splurge, consider getting your Gemini friend some trendy accessories to amp up their wardrobe for the new year!

For a more budget-friendly option, cater to your friend’s love of communication and gift them a stationary set or a set of good quality pens and a notebook – Muji has a lot of great options for this! They’ll appreciate that you’re looking out for them, and they’ll jump at the opportunity to channel their creative and communicative spirit!

Cancers tend to be the most sensitive of the zodiacs. They’re extremely loyal friends who can often get a little bit sentimental. The best way to show your appreciation for your Cancer friend would be to get them something that reminds them of the happy memories you’ve shared, or even a way to make new ones. If you can afford it, take your Cancer friend on a fun weekend adventure, or even buy them a ticket to a show in Toronto – the Happy Place is here until mid-January!

Another really cute idea would be to DIY something that celebrates the memories you have together, like a scrapbook filled with Polaroid photos and ticket stubs (leaving a few pages at the end for future memories), or a collage of photos you’ve taken together, maybe on a custom laptop case or displayed in a cute frame. They’re sure to be super appreciative of a gift you made because it shows that you spent time on them.

Leos love creativity and beauty, being natural leaders, and they love to show off their style. Leos have a zest for life and tend to border on dramatic. Ruled by the sun (duh!), this sign is bold, brazen and confident, always ready to be the center of attention. A great gift idea for a Leo would be something that indulges their creative side, like tickets to a show, or a makeup set. However, if you have a bigger budget, consider gifting them a camera so that they can really show off their artistic prowess. If all else fails, Leos love comfort and luxury, so pick up a bottle of champagne, a day of pampering, or a lush throw blanket – just make sure it’s as exciting as they are.

Virgos are known to be organized perfectionists who value form and function. Ruled by Mercury, this Earth sign is super logical and loves things that are practical. They also tend to have busy lifestyles who plan their day down to the minute. Sometimes, this results in them forgetting to take some time to relax and unwind.

A gift for a Virgo could be practical, but still fun, or something that reminds them to take some time for themselves. If you’re working with a bigger budget, get them a new pair of headphones, a watch or a trip to the spa. For tighter budgets, consider getting them a trendy backpack, a gift card to their favorite clothing store, or a new planner for next year – if they haven’t already picked one up for themselves.

Librans are known as the level-headed mediators who value communication, justice, and relationships. Ruled by Venus, Librans like to look their best, making them lovers of fashion and beauty. They’re generally trend-setters who always have their eye on a new piece. An easy gift idea for a Libra is to get them a trendy clothing item that you know they could rock, a warm-toned eyeshadow palette, or something to do with skincare. Anything that relates to beauty and fashion is generally a win. If you’re working within a budget, consider gifting an experience instead – Librans love spending time with their friends and nurturing their relationships. You can check out sites like Eventbrite, that show nearby events within any budget.

Scorpios are a complex sign, and to the untrained eye, can seem hard to shop for. Anyone close to a Scorpio will tell you that they may be cold on the outside, but they’re soft and sentimental on the inside. They love genuine, thoughtful gifts that require effort, like something handmade (think a painting or anything custom). Scorpios also value beauty and relaxation, so if you have a bigger budget to work with, consider gifting them a set of lipsticks, or a stylish coat. If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a scented candle, a face mask, and a handwritten card.

Sagittarians are typically the adventurous and fun-loving friends. They’re always down for a fun adventure and they love to learn new things. If you know your Sagittarian friend has an exciting trip coming up, it would be a great idea to get them something they could use on it, like a passport holder or a travel guide. Sagittarians would also really appreciate a gift that teaches them something new, like a cookbook (maybe relating to somewhere they’d love to travel), or a mixology kit. Another great idea would be to gift them something that they’re always forgetting to pick up for themselves, like a wallet, or warm winter accessories.

Like Virgos, Capricorns love things that are practical. They live busy lifestyles and don’t like to be held down by things that don’t serve their best interests. Since they’re also the sign associated with status and achievement, they tend to have a soft spot for luxury. If you have the means to shell out a little extra, this is an easy one – a practical yet luxurious piece is exactly the kind of gift a Capricorn would love. Consider picking up a watch, or a classic bag for them. If you’re shopping within a budget, then think about a gift that emulates the feeling of luxury. A self-care gift basket would be well-appreciated, especially if you include a nice-smelling bath oil, a face mask or two, and a scented candle.

Aquarians are the more artistic of the air signs. They’re keen observers and love subtlety in all things. They also have great taste, although they might not be upfront about it. The best gift for an Aquarian would be something that speaks to their love of art and nature, like a painting or a trendy sculpture. Aquarians also love innovation and are usually big fans of fashion and technology. Easy enough, right? If you’ve got the means, consider gifting them a brand-new beauty palette, or a trendy new gadget. For a budget-friendly option, check out Urban Outfitters for the cutest little sculptures.

Pisces are intuitive and caring; a sentimental water sign like a Cancer, but also very creative. Pisces love feeling snug and relaxed, and they’re the type to make their homes into the ultimate cozy spaces. The best kind of gift for a Pisces is one that indulges those interests, so aim for gifts that are warming, like a detailed coloring book, or a super luxe throw blanket. For any budget, a gift basket is a great gift idea for a Piscean. Make sure you fill it with fuzzy socks, scented candles, or even an artsy throw pillow.

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