Your Guide to a Hot Girl Semester

I know, I know– summer 2019 was indeed the hot girl summer of our dreams. The internet has blessed us with the perfect term to describe how we felt as we were posing by the pool, going crazy with our friends and finally making bank at our summer jobs. 

Summer has come and gone, as all great summers do. We’re all finding our sea legs again, stumbling back into the hallowed halls of our respective institutions. I don’t know about you, but for at least the first month of school, I’m feigning confidence.

My face says, “I’m killing it!” but my brain is like, “What the heck is going on?!”

Here’s my little secret: your hot girl summer doesn’t have to end with the season. On the contrary; coming out of a hot girl summer with a smile is the recipe for walking into the school year with real, unbridled confidence. 

It’s a simple, three-step process to take those summer vibes and ride them straight into– wait for it– thotumn. Serve your body and mind; get organized and manifest your goals!

Your body is a temple and so is your mind

Our mental and physical health are the first things to fall off the map when we get overwhelmed with our lives. Think about it: how many times have you prioritized finishing readings or assignments over making dinner? How many hours of sleep have you lost to work, or even worse, the idea of work?

I have to admit, I’ve gone to class more than once running on less than five hours of sleep, refilling my coffee every hour to keep going. There’s something undeniably appealing about this lifestyle too– the starving artist, the exhausted student, the caffeine addict. The struggle is romanticized. But it begs the question: if our idea of success requires sharp attention and hard work, why do we work ourselves into the ground?

Here are a few things to consider while you’re going through your day that can really affect your mood, your quality of work and your stamina.

Have I been drinking water today?

Have I eaten today?

Have I done something for myself today?

How many hours do I have to myself today?

Have I taken a shower today?

What time can I go to sleep tonight?

What is my priority today?

While you may not be able to accomplish or feel satisfied with all of these things every day, checking in with yourself is an important part of staying sane. We’ve all had that moment: drinking a glass of lemon water and thinking, “dude, I am absolutely killing the game right now.”

Lowkey, you can feel like that. Every. Day. Pack a lunch. Read before bed. Shave your legs. Meditate. Drink your lemon water because, at the end of the day, your mindset always reflects your actions.

Google Calendar, baby

I’ll be the first to admit it– embracing my Google Calendar didn’t come naturally. When I started at Ryerson, I was not a seasoned Google student. Sure, my classmates had coerced me into using Google Docs or Google Slides a couple of times for group projects but aside from that, much like my middle school boyfriend: I never really spent the time getting to know it. 

That being said, I can also admit when I’m wrong. And boy, was I WRONG about Google Calendar.

There’s something about having all of my commitments, classes, work hours and event reminders neatly compiled in one place that makes me feel complete. Not to mention, RAMSS automatically uploads your schedule to your Ryerson Google Calendar, with built-in reminders 10 minutes before class starts. 

Are you prepared to be that person when someone asks what room in Kerr Hall South your class takes place in? You already knew it was 505, you magnificent, organized human!

Having a calendar also helps me boost my productivity. When I look at a visual timeline of my day, breaking it down makes more sense.

If I know how much time I have between each of my scheduled classes, activities and appointments, it makes it much easier to take advantage of the breaks in my day. If you’re like me and you have a full day of work and class every day, you know that an hour-long break makes all the difference in the world. 

Manifest, manifest, MANIFEST!

I feel like this word has been thrown around a lot over the last few months on social media. “Manifestation is real!” “Manifest and wait for results!” But what does it really mean to manifest something? More specifically, what does it mean to manifest your goals?

Manifestation isn’t magic. You don’t get to wave your magic wand and wish for what you want (although, if someone figures out how to do that, HMU).

Manifestation is about visualizing and vocalizing exactly what you want. Your mantra can’t be “I want to be successful.” Manifestation is believing, “I am successful.” Instead of “I wish I were brave,” say “I am brave.” 

Write down a list of what you want for your life. Want to make money? Write down a list of all the things you could achieve if you made that money. All the benefits. Dream of being more courageous? Write down all of the ways in which you are already brave and all of the things you wish you could do.

I never believed in manifestation until it helped change my life for the better.

This year I finally broke up with my boyfriend of almost two years. Let me tell you; I was putting up with a lot of pain and emotional garbage.

After a week of crying, laughing and finally acknowledging that I was worthy of real love, my mom convinced me to write a list. She said, “Write down a list of everything you want in an ideal partner, from the bottom of their heart to the way they act from day-to-day. Mercedes, what do you want?”

I sat for an hour and considered everything that my ex was not; everything I wished he was and wished I was

Less than one week later, I got an Instagram DM from a guy who I’d known for a few years but lost touch with. I thought, “What’s the harm?” and decided to go on a date with him.

That was almost two months ago. We became official last week. I have never, ever in my life met someone like him. He fulfilled almost every single aspect of my list, from planning amazing dates, to romantic surprises, being a great listener, being kind to my family, introducing me to his friends, and so much more. I found something that I desperately wanted.

I’m not saying the list was magic. My fairy godmother didn’t pick it up and think, “Alright, time for me to do this girl a favour!”

It was about me opening myself up to that form of love. I subconsciously convinced myself I was unworthy of a healthy relationship. Now I know that to be false. 


So, ask yourself: am I ready to accept thotumn in true hot girl form? Can I be open to change, and to carry over all of my magnificent, August energy into September? I know you can. 

Take charge of your life, take charge of your emotions, and embrace your hot girl semester, baby!