Why You Need To Follow Carolina Gelen

We’ve all done it. Scrolled through TikTok or Instagram and saved recipes that we intend to try, but never do unless it’s a big trend, like the famous TikTok feta pasta. Plus, if you’re like me, maybe your cooking skills aren’t the best (meaning that most recipes definitely won’t turn out how intended). Here’s a solution: follow Carolina Gelen.

Carolina Gelen is a resident recipe developer with Food52 and a freelance contributor for New York Times Cooking. She’s a talented foodie based out of Romania who creates recipes that are not only easy to keep up with, but also delicious. As someone who naturally gravitates towards takeout, Carolina Gelen’s videos inspire me to get cooking. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you too!

I first came across her account on my TikTok For You Page and laughed with her as she clumsily dropped ingredients because I’m the exact same way when cooking. Normally I see it as me being a terrible cook, so it makes me feel a bit better to know that these small mistakes happen to professionals too. Her personable and comedic personality paired with her colourful, well-filmed recipes, makes it hard to take your eyes off the screen.

The first recipe of hers that I followed was the smash potatoes which are essentially crunchy baked potatoes that turned out to be so crispy! She definitely provides a foolproof guide via her Instagram reels. She offers a large variety of recipes suited both for beginners and for those looking for something a bit more complex. Another thing I love is that she even focuses on elevating the basics, like making compound butter. Yes, it’s only butter, but did you think to mix regular butter with your favourite herbs and spices to up your bread game? Probably not. Speaking of basics, Carolina Gelen even posts tips and guides for her followers, such as this one on the different cooking stages of a boiled egg.

If you’re looking for a more live approach to cooking, she even hosts the occasional Zoom class during which she walks you and a few others through cooking something brilliant. After she offered her class, I started seeing these orange cardamom cakes everywhere. I still plan on making one too.

Going beyond the mediums of print media, Instagram and TikTok, you can also find Carolina Gelen on Youtube, where you can watch short recipes she creates in a more produced format.

She’s really got great content against the board and I guarantee you that her cooking Instagram reels are going to make you so hungry!

Check out her website to learn more about her as well as to take a look at her organized lists of recipes and of course, follow Carolina Gelen on Instagram to brush up those kitchen skills.