The Ultimate One-Night Stand Kit for Under $10

I think we've all been there needing toothpaste and fresh panties after a one-night stand or hook up. Or hey, maybe you just need an emergency kit? Either way, here's how you can make a basic one-night stand kit for under $10!

Step One: A Bag

You're gonna need something to keep all your items together, so try refusing a small makeup bag. Don't have one lying around? You can easily pick one up at the dollar store for under $3.

Total cost: $3


Step Two: Panties

I personally think EVERYONE should carry around an emergency pair of panties, so just simply grab a pair from your drawer, fold ‘em neatly and tuck em’ in your bag!

Total cost: FREE

Step Three: Refreshers

About 50% of the time with a one-night stand, you might not have access to a shower, so I like to keep sample sizes of things like deodorant, toothpaste, and mouthwash on hand. You can easily grab all three of these for free at your local Lush, just go in and ask for samples of Aromaco deodorant, Toothy Tabs, and Mouthwash Tabs. Not only does this give you a chance to try out some cool new products, but all of these are solid, so you won't have to worry about leakage and, duh, they're free! Don't forget to also stop by Sephora and grab a sample of your favourite perfume. It's also free, and it even comes in a tiny spritz bottle!

Total cost: FREE

Step Four: Toothbrush

If you have an extra one of these lying around at home, slide it on in. If not, grab one at the dollar store for $1.50

Total cost: $1.50

Step Five: Condoms and Tampons

These items can usually be quite costly, but you can often find them for free at your campus’ women's/sexual health centre or from a public sexual health centre/Planned Parenthood!

Total cost: FREE


Step Six: Baby Wipes

These are perfect for a quick face wipe to clean up and leftover makeup from the day before, or a quick wipe to freshen up downstairs, and you can also find these at the dollar store for $2.

Total cost: $2  


And there you go! The ULTIMATE one-night stand kit for under $10!